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Add Content with RSS Feeds.

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To Add Content to your blog with RSS feeds.........

First find the RSS Feed Icon. On many sites it is shown as "RSS" or "About Feeds". The icons are shown alongside.
Right click any one of these and select 'Copy Link Location'. Now you have to convert the feed into Javascript code. There are many such convertors online which you can find simply by searching Google. One such convertor is located at : Go there and paste your feed url into the text box under 'Enter the web address of the RSS Feed'. Choose among the various options for the feed. Whether you want the title to be displayed etc... Then click 'Preview' to see if the feed is being generated. If the feed url is correct it will show items and content from the web page where you took the feed url from. If you are satisfied click 'Generate Javascript'. Javascript code is generated along with non javascript code which displays the feed on browsers without Javascript. Go back to your beta blog. Login to the Dashboard and click on Layouts under the name of your blog you want to add the feed to. The Page Elements page opens. Click on Add Page Element in the sidebar and choose HTML/Javascript in the popup window which opens. Paste the Javascript code in the content box and Save Changes. You can also add this to a Page Element in the Main Column of postings but then your feed will appear on all your posts. If you add it in the sidebar it will only appear once on the page.

1) Before taking content from other websites be sure to resd their Terms of Use for feeds. 2)You can fill your webpage with feeds but the Adsense bots are not able to read the content generated by them, so it is ineffective with Adsense. 3) You can use the Feed widget already present in the choices in the popup window which opens when you click on 'Add Page Element' in Page Elements page. However it will deliver only a maximum of five posts and titles whereas you can configure the feed in the above process to deliver all the posts.

You can also add a feed of your blog to your sidebar so that it shows all the posts titles. The URL of your beta blog's feed is :

Instead of 'yourblogname' type the name of your blog.

You can also add RECENT COMMENTS to the sidebar by using comment feeds URL which are

Instead of 'yourblogname' type the name of your blog. Instead of TYPE use summary or full.

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Anonymous said...

very helpful thanks.

Andytgeezer said...

Superb - thanks so much for your help guys!

Faisal Laljee said...

I am trying to feed my second blog into my first. I would like to feed the entire posts, not just the titles. The information above only gives me the title, similar to how Blogger's Add a feed widget does.

Paris David said...

I love you.

You're beautiful.

Don't ever change.

This puppy is excellent!

I used it on my blog.

Next stop -- I'm putting your badge on my blog!

Thanks bunches,

Anonymous said...

What about using the Labels as a category feed and adding the list of posts to each label to (a) the sidebar and/or (b) a central table of contents. I want to show all my posts in my blog categorised to a specific label - is there an RSS/Atom feed in Blogger for the Labels?

vin said...

The label feeds are :

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to pull images from feeds as well? For example ebay picture and product description. As it is now pics aren't displayed in blogger's feeds.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to display full RSS feeds and not only the titles?

clyde at

Anonymous said...

Howdy. I need this info, but for CLASSIC TEMPLATE USE. How do I add the RSS feed from other people's blog, to my sidebar, while still using the classic template?

vin said...


Just paste the script code you get after conversion of feed to Javascript into your Classic Template sidebar immediately above this line :

<h2 class="sidebar-title">Archives</h2>

Anonymous said...

Oh my. You just RULE. Thanks.

Dot said...

I was hoping I could pull just some of my posts from my livejournal (with a specific tag) into my blogger blog. I figured out how to put the rss feed from LJ in my blog, but is there a way to do only part of it?

vin said...


Do you have a tag feed from LJ? Do you have a per post feed in LJ?

Who We Are said...

First of all, your blog is invaluable. I just started my blog and I don't know where I'd be without it. And that's not just smoke.

My question... I just found Out I have to email you directly... Well, I leave the love and go to email. Thanks again!

Bloody Mary said...

I've got a question about the updating of NetFlix & Blockbuster queues.

See my post:

vin said...

Bloody Mary,

Those are feeds from Blockbuster and Netflix. They will get updated as per when those stes update them.

Perhaps you should address the help and forums on those sites.

You can also try the above method and see if it updates faster than the Blogger feed widget.

Anonymous said...

This blog has got almost all of the tips a blogger, both, beginner and advanced, need, kudos!!

Anonymous said...

how to put my blog in the friendster?

Vin said...


Try this method.

Or go to My Apps in Friendster menu and look for a RSS feed application in which you can add Blog Feed.

Anonymous said...

nice enlightened me thanks a lot
Iqbal khan

The Life of Kiley said...

Hi Vin!
For some reason, I'm having a hard time with this one. I know I've done something wonky. I've got my post titles now in my sidebar, but I just wrote a new post and it's not coming up?? I think it might have something to do with my feed address? Also, my titles are long and I think I need to expand my column so that it doesn't look so crowded. Could u take a look and help me out when u get a chance? Thank you so much for always being so wonderful!

Vin said...

The Life of Kiley,

I can see the latest post title there now. You have to wait till the feed is sent out which does not occur immediately on publishing post.

To expand the column see How to Change Width of Blog?

Robert Patton said...

Thank you for your excellent site and tips, but this doesn't seem like a very stable solution. If someone follows this tip, the feed widget is completely dependent upon the external site,, being available. The site itself even warns you about this: "This service is not guaranteed and is likely to go away. A good alternative is available from Google or the original Feed2JS site."
It would be a good idea to warn people that they may find the widget completely broken one day.

Vin said...

Robert Patton,

There are other free sites offering RSS to Javascript conversion. Just Google for them.

Google also has AJAX solution which i have used in My Gadget Showcase blog.

B.Alan Goldsmith said...

What a great resource for a newbie to blogging to find. Just what the doctor ordered.


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