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How to Change Post Order.

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To change the order of your posts in Beta Blogger..............

remenber that posts are ordered according to "LATEST POSTED FIRST ON PAGE" rule. Hence the newest posts are first with earlier posts lower down in the order. The first post you made when you created the blog is the last on the page.

Your blog consists of a Main Page and Post Pages. The Main Page contains the number of posts you have set in Settings---->Formatting---->Show __ Posts on Main Page. The rest of the posts are shown as links in the Blog Archive widget in the sidebar. The posts on the Main Page also have their links in the Blog Archive widget. Each Post Page contains only one post.

To change this order login to Dashboard. Click on Posts link after 'Manage:' under name of your blog. You will see a list of all your posts with links to Edit, View or Delete them. Click on Edit link of the post you want to change the date of. The Posts Editor opens with its two modes : Edit HTML and Compose. The second mode is present only if you have enabled it in Settings as described in Set Settings Part1. The bottom frame of the Posts Editor contains a link 'Post Options'. Click on it to expand the frame as shown in above image. (Click on image to view it better). In the expanded frame you can change the Posts Date and time.


If you want this post to be the first post always in this blog then set the date to any time as far in the future as it will allow it to be set. This is because once that day arrives and you post more posts this post will start migrating downwards like the rest. Till then it will remain a "sticky" post at the top of your blog.

This is frequently used by bloggers who wish to post a book with chapters and all in their blog and want the first post to be a "Table of Contents". To see an example see here. Also you should have Post Pages enabled by going to Settings--->Archiving.


If you have made a post like a 'Privacy Policy' post which you do not want to show on the Main Page backdate it. Then it will appear as a link in the Blog Archive widget.

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Sameera said...

very useful post

and awesome blog
cant believe its been made in blogger totally

shows how much customization really works...

thanks for all the info:D

vin said...

Thanx for visiting. Your blog design is awesome!

Prof. Jim Greer said...

Hey, this is awesome. It helped me change the layout on my blog real easy! Thanks for telling me. I can't believe how great this blog is!

Anonymous said...

What if I don't want to change my dates? I need them to reflect when the posts were made.

vin said...

In Blogger the posts are ordered according to the date. However the post URL remains the same and it contains the year and month : TITLE.html

Dean said...

It doesn't work for me, I have tried to change the post date in both IE and Firefox and it remains the same once published. In fact it states the date and time you publish the blog, what's up?

vin said...


Did you refresh cache after making changes?

Suresh Mahalingam said...

I would still like this to be a setting
in the formatting section. Something like
Show post in Chronological order Yes/No.

What if I want to my blogs to have the
same date but be oldest first like when I am blogging a sequence of events.

vin said...


At the moment there is no such option. You can request it at :

As of today the only way to change post order in Blogger is by changing their dates.

Anonymous said...

I changed the date and it worked, thank you and ..appreciate the blog..

AdGoggle said...

I changed the date and the positioning problem is solved, but it messes up my archive! I mean people get to see that I have made a post that is eg. in 2009, which may confuse my readers. What can I do?

vin said...


You can always choose not to display the post dates. Uncheck the option after clicking on Edit link in Blog Posts widget on the Page Elements subtab of Template tab.

Ruthven said...

Well, I recognize that changing posts date is a good way to display archives in reverse order; but it is simply not feasible when you have hundreds of posts!

vin said...

You are totally correct Ruthven!

Unfortunately at present there is no other method to change the order of posts in Blogger!!!!!!!!!

You can request it at :

Blogger Wishlist

Pulsurge said...

Thanks so much. It really helped. Was really confused as to how to re-arrange my blog.

Thanks again.

nadie said...

Hi, Vin. There is other method to change the order of the post, as reverse order. You can see it (sorry for the link but the idea isn't from my head):

I test it and works. Thanks for your great blog.

Vin said...


It appears to be for the Classic template. Have you tried it on a Layout template blog?

Can you share the blog address with us?

nadie said...

Hi, Vin. I've test it in a classic template that not mine (i have no personal blog). Yes: it appears to be for these templates. But you could tell me what the most significant obstacle to using this method on layout template?
An example on classic template:

I appreciate your attention. Thanks a lot.

Vin said...


The Layout template does not have tags like :


which are used in Classic Template code and also in that hack. Hence it cannot be used in Layout template.

Pam said...

You just saved my life!! Great site.

Bernard AMADE said...

unable to read your post (I would like to change the presentation order) because: the design of the overall layout is inappropriate (sorry to say that but simple design would be better) and since I am not a native speaker of english unable to understand what is to be done to "settings" to enable the date change (unable to find!)

Vin said...


Posts are ordered according to date with the latest post on top.

To change the date of a post login at and click 'Posts' link on Dashboard under the blog title. List of Posts will open.

Click 'Edit' link for the post you wish to change the date of. Post will open in Post Editor.

Click 'Post Options' link in bottom left corner of Post Editor frame. The bottom frame will expand to show the date. Change the date and click on Publish button.

If you want that post to remain at the top of the blog change the date to one in the future.

If you do not want that post to display on the Main Page change the date to one in the past.

Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

Dear Vin,

The idea to mess with dates may not appeal to everybody. It does not to me, either. However, since Blogger does not offer a better solution we have to put up with what we have. I would like to suggest another method, without touching the dates:
1. Set the Archive option to show the oldest posts first.
2. Set number of posts displayed on the main page to 1.

Something as simple as that. People can follow the posts using the archive :)


Vin said...


Nice little sidestep. Does not help those who want to show many posts on the Main Page. However I agree with you that Blogger should provide a simpler way. Post it here :

Blogger Wishlist.

Damastah said...

Thanx Vin. This is the only place i found the answer. Thanx

onkar said...

You ROCK!!!!
I want to show links to all my articles on my home page.Now there is one way to copy all links and post in one article and use the trick you have given here.
Can you please suggest another simple way as i have got about 100 articles.

Vin said...


Have a look at how to Display Post Titles without Dates in Blogger.

Tony & Karen said...

this really helped me out. as the blog was showing the car restoration backwards, this helped put in back in order. thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton, I was able to rearrange the posts with the provided solution...

Anonymous said...

good job man,,,, thanks a lot for this blog. can you please tell me how to convert blog posts into links, and how to make links?

Anonymous said...

awesome man, good going. can you tell me how to change the bog post into link, like if i click on labels it shows the blog posts, can i show a link there containing another link or blog post.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (Sameer),

Have a look at Everything About Labels in Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the useful suggestions.I am slowly learning the nitty gritty of blogging.

I could not understand the steps to be taken if i do not wish the dates to be visible in my blog posts.

Vin said...


Login at
Click Layouts link on Dashboard.
Page Elements tab will open.
Click Edit link in Blog Posts widget.
In popup window uncheck the date and time options and save.

ffaowl said...

Duh - Thank you so much for this easy fix!

† xX GPS Xx † said...

Thx very helpful

ChristopherRutty said...

Many thanks Vin,
One problem remains though. When I change date to future it puts it in *scheduled* and doesn't publish it.
Then it adds a new list with that date ie;2015.
Any clues.... thanks muchly.

Vin said...


Create Post. Publish Post. Then go to Dashboard. Click Posts link.

List of posts will open. Click Edit link for that post. It will open in Post Editor. Change Date. Click Publish button.

Katherine & Jacqueline said...

Great!! Simple...sweet and to the point.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to change order of the content WITHIN a post? the way it is now, when i start a post, the intro paragraph ends up at the bottom page, with the last photos and captions at the top. so i have to write and insert photos in reverse order so the post reads teh way i intended.

Vin said...


Type in full text of your post. Upload your images. They will land up at the top. Click Edit Html tab at top right corner of Post Editor.

Then use cut and paste on the picture codes to rearrange them.

momaleche said...

Why does it schedule my post for the future rather than making it stick?

Vin said...


When creating the post for the first time do not change date unless you want to schedule it.

Publish the post.

Then click Edit Post. Change date to future date and click Publish again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's what I did. It didn't work!

Vin said...


Did you clear cache after saving changes?

momaleche said...

Still didn't change a thing!

Vin said...


Exactly what do you want to do? At the moment you have only one post on this blog :

It will remain at top because it is the only post on that blog!

momaleche said...

Instead of doing that I created a text gadget and moved it to the top. It was a way more simply way to create a sticky post!

Vin said...


Like they say there's more than one way to skin a cat. You can put a gadget (text or HTML or any other) at the top of the posts column

OR change the date of a particular post to a future date so that it remains 'sticky' at the top till that date arrives and you publish new posts.

If you have only one post in your blog then it is already at the top of the blog!

momaleche said...

Yeah, there was two and I couldn't figure it out. I am new to Blogger obviously, LOL!

Heather Flournoy said...

Hi Vin- I like your articles but unless I'm doing something wrong I think that if you change the date to one in the future on Blogger, then it won't publish the post until that date.

I've tried a few times with different dates...

Vin said...

Heather Flournoy,

First publish the post with the current date.

Then open the post again for editing and change date to a future date and click Publish.

David Merriman said...


I've been frustrated with this, and I've written a script people can place at the end of their template (right before the end body tag) that will reverse their posts without requiring them to change their post dates. I figured this would be a good place to get the word out! Here's the script:

<!-- Start post reversal code -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
var Blog1 = document.getElementById('Blog1');
var postContainer = Blog1.childNodes[1];
var first = postContainer.firstChild;
var child = first.nextSibling;
var childNext = null;
while (child != null) {
if (child.className == 'post hentry') {
childNext = child.nextSibling;
postContainer.insertBefore(child, first);
first = child;
child = childNext;
} else {
child = child.nextSibling;
<!-- End post reversal code -->

I hope this works for everyone!

Vin said...

David Merriman,

Create a test blog and publish five to ten dummy posts in it on various dates.

Then put above code in it and check if it works.

Lastly publish a post in your blog about this hack and link to the demo blog.

David Merriman said...


Here's my post describing the code:

And here's the test blog that shows it in action:

The code is updated to handle date headers and different templates better, so use what's posted on the blog rather than what I left in the comment.

Opa and Ga said...

Thank you blog doctor. This post has helped me keep this link as a sticky on my blog.
Thanks again. I will use your search engine.


Holly said...

What would I do without you? My blog is so much better as a result of this site and what I you have taught me...since I have found this site I have expanded the width of my blog, regularily posted seemingly direct links to documents and "hid" some posts by changing hte dates (so they are posted in the distant past, not really seen by readers--but can act as a post I can link to--for instance, I created a post that lists all the projects you can download on my blog--with links to those posts, and then linked to that list in a widget in the great for making a more organized blog for my readers to sort through!)...and I still plan to begin posting larger format photos to go with my expanded blog blogging life is so much better because of you. Thank you. You are blogging life savers.

Anonymous said...

hi,is it possible to know who make a blog?


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