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How to Hack the Beta Blogger Template.

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To Hack the Beta Blogger Template............

  1. Create a Widget/Page Element. Sign in to Blogger Beta---->In Dashboard choose your blog and click on Layout------>This takes you to the Add and Arrange Page Elements page. Here click on Add Page Element. A new window appears which shows the choices for your page elements. The types of page elements you can make are shown in Widgets of Beta Blogger. Choose the type you want to make and click on it. This opens a new window where the new Page Element is shown ready to accept your data. Do not enter any data at present. Choose Save and the window closes after adding the Page Element to your blog.
  2. Now click on Edit Html tab at the top. This opens the Edit Html page where you put a checkmark in Expand Widget Templates checkbox. This expands the template html so as to show the code for all widgets. Beta Blogger blog is arranged in Sections called Header, Sidebar, Main and Footer. Each section can contain one or more Page Elements/widgets. The code for each section is enclosed in tags similar to : <b:section class="'header'" id="'header'" maxwidgets="'1'" showaddelement="'no'"> and </b:section>. The above code is for the section - Header. If you want to add a page element to this section change the maxwidgets and showaddelement parameters to reflect the number of widgets you wish to add to the Header section. Save the Template.
  3. Go back to Page Elements tab and click and drag the Page Element created in Step 1 above to the Header section. Do similarly to place any other widgets you have created. Click on Save.
  4. Go back to Edit Html page and change the css to give a style to your widget/Page Element. Save template.
  5. In Page Elements tab click on Edit in the widget you have created. A new window opens where you add data to the widget. Save and enjoy your first widget.

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Nyasia said...

I am pretty new to this stuff do you mind providing me with some personal help thanks.

Vin said...


Sure! You can email me. The address is in the middle column.


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