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How to start a Blog.

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First you will have to think of a subject to blog about....

An ideal choice is to blog about something you are passionate about. Something about which you cannot stop talking. It may be politics it, may be spirituality. It must be something you know a lot about.

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot.
D. H. Lawrence (1885 - 1930)
You can write about your hobby, or about your career. To attract readers you should choose a best selling topic like sex, scandals, gossip, films, latest news. This topic should be something about which you can deliver content to your readers at daily/weekly/monthly intervals. Longer than that and your readers will lose intrest and move away. It is best to write about something you are doing daily. Then you will have something to write about at least once in three-four days.

If you are thinking about earning money from your blog then you have to consider the competition.
Money can't buy happiness, but neither can poverty.
Leo Rosten (1908 - )
Take a look at the competiton by going to and typing your subject-line in the text box and hitting 'Search'. Google will search out all the websites with the same subject. See the number of sites which turn up in the results and consider whether you want to be a small fish in a big lake or by narrowing the search results you can turn into a big fish in a small pond. For example if you want to blog about your stamp-collecting hobby a quick search on Google shows more than four million websites on this subject. Looking for 'Olympic stamp collecting' turns up less than 250,000 websites and 'olympic stamp collecting greek' turns up some 90,000 sites. You will be much better off competing with 90,000 than with four million sites. This is the Age of Superspecialization and the more and more you know (about less and less) you will be appreciated by more and more people.

You have also to think about the demand for your subject if you want to monetize your site/blog. To research this head over to keyword research sites like or The former is free while the latter offers a free trial. Type your subject line in the text box provided and press Enter to give you the number of searches conducted for that subject in the previous month. You can type in various subject-lines and compare the numbers.
The market is not an invention of capitalism. It has existed for centuries. It is an invention of civilization.
Mikhail Gorbachev, June 8, 1990
A search for 'stamp-collecting' shows some 9,500 people have searched for it during the previous month while 'hiking' returns 45.000 searches. Hence it would be more lucrative to blog about hiking than stamp-collecting. If you want to monetize your blog it always helps to know the market. If you want to cater to a niche make sure that it is well populated otherwise you may die a quiet death due to lack of attention.

After choosing your subject you have to choose your blog host. If you are a novice it is best to start on a free host where you can try out your site and once you start attracting plenty visitors move over to paid hosting. is free and comes with plenty addons which makes it one of the ideal experimentation grounds for newbies. You can choose to stay on after turning pro as there are no time limits here. They have also introduced beta blogger with many improved functions ideal for a novice.

To summarize review the SUPPLY (sites turned up by Google Search) and the DEMAND (Number of searches for the topic in the last month)
As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.
Josh Billings (1818 - 1885)
and your PASSION for the subject and decide whether to blog or blog not! In the Age of Globalization it should not proove too difficult to find your niche.

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paddy the papist said...

I am only an old papist but are you serious when you say that no one at all commented on this great information?

Maybe I will be the subject of some insider joke but still I have to say thanks.

And I will not try to leave my URL.

URL sounds like something Barry White would sing ... like LURVE

When Jesus Christ cured the ten lepers He quite rightly felt, as both God and man the ingratitude of men.

Were not all ten made clean?

Thanks again, even though I doubt that the "keyword" (good school this)"papist" will have much resonance, not only among your pupils, but anywhere else either.

Do not curb your enthusiasm and best wishes.

Shiro Tora said...

hey vin....

howdy ....

i happened to come to your site looking for catgorized labels .. and i m hooked ...

you got a great site going on here ... n good stuff in it ... and yeah i agree with papist ..that people should be leaving more comments ...

i would love to keep coming back to this site to check out more techupdates on blogging .... i m more obsessed with the layout and blogger does not have enough templates to help me do dat or for dat matter widgets...and not being a programmer sucks ... cause no matter how much i try tinkering ... i always end up short.

hehe ... anyways ... good luck man .. and if i may say so ... could you reduce your post font size ... it really seems too big .. you could notch it down a couple of points ... still a great site though !!!

thank u for being out here

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooo much a beginner in blogging I have a lot passion for a lot projects that can be grouped into social activist. I think the information you is super,however I did find your layout rather distracting. Its just my opinion. I know I will return to site for help constantly disatraction or not. Thanks keep up the great work

Intuitive Catalyst Conduit said...

Vin my man, You are now my blog guru! 3 days into this and i've made all the classic mistakes even though I know about keywords stats but have only used them for my articles. Good think my blog is still under construction, so I can go and correct my errors.

Excellent info as always and thank you.

By the way, I LOVE your site!

Esther Spragge said...

I didnt read the whole thing but i will. thank you very much so far this information is very helpful=]


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