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The Navbar in Beta Blogger.

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The Navbar is the slim colored strip about 30 pixels in height..........

running across the top of your webpage/blog. You are given an option in the Page Elements subtab under the Template tab to change its color but not to remove it.


The Terms of Service for Blogger can be found here. Iagree with Digital Inspiration what he say here about the legality of removing the navbar and I quote :

"The Terms of Service for do not mention anything about Blogger Navbar but it does state a word about the discontinued Blogger AdBar which was previously displayed on freely-hosted Blog*Spot blogs.

By creating your BlogSpot Site, you agree that Pyra has the right to run such advertisements and promotions. You also agree that you will not attempt to block or otherwise interfere with advertisements displayed on your BlogSpot site via JavaScript or any other means. Doing so is grounds for immediate termination of service. The manner, mode and extent of advertising by Pyra on your BlogSpot Site is subject to change.

Since it is not mentioned explicitly in the Terms of service, it remains doubtful if removing and hacking the Blogger navbar is any violation of the Blogger terms of service. Lets say we are not "removing the navbar" but only "hiding the navbar" or we could even re-position the navbar to the bottom of the blog. Get rid of the blogger nav bar."

If you do decide to remove the navbar insert following code in your CSS part of template :

#navbar-iframe {

before this line :


To know what is CSS part of template see Parts of the Template.

After removing the navbar there may be a blank strip on top of your page. To get rid of it add this in CSS part of your template :


If this doesn't remove the gap created with Blogger Navbar, try the following CSS hack

position: relative;
top: -50px;

To see how to remove the navbar in old blogger see : Blogger Template without Navbar.

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Vishaal said...

How do you get the various icons at the end of the post.. i.e. technorati, diggit etc.. to beta blogger.. i worked that out for blogger but have been unsuccessfuk with the new blogger..

C said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you!
Your advice to remove the navbar helped.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is the referenct to the Terms of Service still accurate?

I just read the TOS and cannot find the specific reference quoted in the opening paragraph.

Are you aware of any blogs being removed for removing the navbar?

vin said...


No I am not aware but that hardly proves anything. However I have seen may blogs without the navbar.

Kathleen said...

I put in a new template I found on the internet, and it removed my navbar. How can I add it back?

vin said...


Send me the template code by email. The address is in the middle column.

Anonymous said...

Just followed the info for the navbar removal. Since upgrading to blogger draft, or whatever they're calling it, the old trick wasn't working. Thanks for the instructions, I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I paid for Blogger Pro so i would never have a navbar or similar. More fool me. They scrapped Pro and I've just upgraded my template and low and behold: Navbar.

This tip works really well. FYI, it also works for Classic templates with the dreaded Navbar.

Anonymous said...

I did have the gap and tried both codes. The second one worked, but now it's cutting off my title. Any thoughts?

vin said...


Reduce the gap by decreasing the number in the code : top: -50px; . Use Preview and then save.

Nik said...

Removing the nav bar doesn't work for me.

vin said...


What is your blog url? You may need to refresh cache. See :

My email address is in middle column for detailed help.

Thomas Hammerlund said...

It's too bad that there are so many blogs without the nav bar on blogger. It would be fun to browse through them.

I guess now you can go through people's profiles, but it would be nice if it were random.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vin

First of all, great site. I tried the Nav Bar trick and it did work. I had to use the CSS hack in order to remove the blank strip at the top. But, I now have a new problem. There's a blank strip at the bottom. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Vin said...


The Navbar hack does not produce a blank strip at the bottom.

Christian Zamora said...

Thanks a lot for your helpful words, Vin. It worked like a wonder :)

I was pointed into this direction by a fellow blogger and I'm real glad to have found this haven for blog wisdom. said...

once again the blogdoctor saves the day!!! thanks so much for this hack it worked perfect for me with just the first code thx!!!!!

Derp Derpina said...

I don't have a very good english,so I might be misunderstood. So...I downloaded a new blogspot template from the internet and applied it . But my navbar (dashboard ) which was appearing on the top of the page of the blog,disappeared ! I have 2 blogs and I changed the template to both of them,and at both of them I have the same problem.: my navbar doesn't appear! And I have to login in google account,to post new stuff on my blogs.Please help me to get back my navbar !Thank you,have a good day.

Vin said...


Try the Meta Gadget for Blogger which enables you to login in abscence of the navbar.

AUDBALL said...


Thank you so much for all of your help! I added just the first section of the code and it worked perfectly the first try!

Journalist Blog's said...

Insert Code



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