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Settings-Part 2.

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Setting the Settings part 2......

After setting the Basic Settings click on 'Publishing' subtab next to 'Basic'. Here there are only two settings. First setting enables you to change your blogspot address and hence your blog's address (URL) anytime you want. This is not advisable since people and search engines identify your blog by it's address and if you change it frequently you will have to resubmit to all the search engines besides informing all your readers of the new address. The best thing to do is to create a correct search engine friendly address in the First Step while creating your blog and stick with it through thick and thin. The second best thing to do is to change it early in your blog's life. There is no third best thing!

Next set Notify to yes and click on 'Save Settings. This notifies everytime you make changes in your blog and saves you some trouble in pinging them.

Move on to 'Formatting' subTab and here are the Settings which show how your blog page will appear to the viewer. Choose the settings you want and your timezone and language and save.

The 'Comments' subtab shows the settings for the comments made by your blog viewers. Here you can choose to make the comments public or private, enable comment moderation by putting in your email address and asking them to email all comments to you before publishing. Enable word verification for comments in the third last setting to prevent your blog from being spammed by automated bots.

Next are the Archiving Settings. Here you can set Archive Frequency to whatever you want. Also enable Post Pages to give each of your posts their own unique web page, in addition to appearing on your blog's front page. This is good for the search engines also.

Site Feed setting which is the next setting is to enable your readers to have a 'feed' of your blog delivered to them so that they can read it without having to visit your blog in their browser.

Email settings enable you to have your posts emailed to your closest friend automatically after you enter his/her email address in the box. The second setting enables you to post to your blog via email.

Lastly in the Permissions settings you can add other authors to your blog as well as set who can view your blog. You are the administrator of this blog and only you can invite others to post and also choose the readers of your blog.

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