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Advantages of Beta Blogger.

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The Advantages of the new Beta Blogger are...............

many and I have tried to list a few of them here :


. Login to your dashboard by going to Beta Blogger. Click on View Blog next to the name of your blog. Your blog opens as it would if you accessed it by goingdirectly to its URL. However there is a difference. Under each post and page element you will see a crossed screwdriver and spanner symbol.
In New Blogger you will see your email address in the Navbar when you are logged in to Blogger. Others do not see it and you also do not see it if you are logged out of Blogger.
THIS SYMBOL IS NOT SEEN IF YOU ACCESS YOUR BLOG WITHOUT LOGGING IN. Clicking on this symbol will enable you to make any changes to your page element. To know what is a page element see What are Widgets? There is also a pencil symbol below each of your posts which if clicked takes you directly to the Post Editor so that you can change the content.

If you see a typo in your webpage or if you want to add a missing heading to your page element click on the pencil symbol at the bottom of your posts and instantly the post will open up for editing. This is one-click access to push-button publishing. You do not have to drill down through lots of menus and sub menus to make changes to your blog. Further the changes you make are instantly saved and published. There is no need to further press a 'Publish' button. Click on the pencil to open up post for editing. Make the changes you want and select Publish. Click View Blog and you can instantly view the post and if there are still more typos click the pencil again.


These are what used to be called Categories. You can label your posts by creating them in the bottom frame of the Post Editor. Labels are important keywords in your posts which enable the viewer to instantly locate the post relevant to his topic of intrest. They work like the index of a book and clicking on a label instantly takes the reader to all the posts which contain that word/label. So label all your posts and then Add a Label widget to the sidebar of your blog to make it more reader-friendly. You can see Labels in action in the right hand sidebar of this blog. Labels are also called as Tags elsewhere.


You can now control who can view your blog by making it totally private or only allow access to certain viewers. To do this go to Settings------>Permissions and set your readers settings and Save.


These are feeds for comments which will enable your viewers to follow the comments on your blog and to take part in discussions without having to visit your blog to check on your comments. The comments will be delivered to them automatically as they are made. To set this go to Settings---->Site Feeds. To enable the reader to find these feeds add the following line of code to your sidebar in a HTML widget :

<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsVertical$></p>

This will show up in your sidebar like this

Subscribe to
Comments [Atom]
Posts [Atom]

The above is for Classic Templates. For the new layouts take a look at Feedburner and Blog Feeds and What is Subscribe to Posts Atom.


is now easier via the Links Page Element. You can add 12 types of Page Elements including third party codes easily using the Layout Tab.


makes it possible for you to drag and drop widgets or Page Elements into new Sections of your blog or rearrange their positions within their Sections. This along with the Fonts and Colors tab are the two new features enabling users to customize their blogs. Using Fonts and Colors you can change the colors of different areas of the blog and its fonts.

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