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How to Add Adsense Ads. to beta blogs.

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To add Adsense Ads. to beta blogs.............


Then login to your Adsense account and click on Adsense Setup. Click on type of Ad. you want to setup - Content, Link unit, Search unit or Referrals.

MOST IMPORTANT LINK IN YOUR TEMPLATE SETTINGS is Download Full Template on Edit Html subtab of Template Tab.
At present you are allowed to add three Content Ads., One Link Unit, two Search units and four different Referal units per page. You should try to add Ads. so that most of them appear 'above the fold'. This is the amount of web page visible to the viewer on loading the page without having to scroll down. The best place for the Link unit is in the header as a single line containing 4-5 ad units. The right hand sidebar can hold one 'skyscraper' content unit with another in the left sidebar. This is if you have a three column template structure like this web page. The one big rectangle of content unit can go above the posts in the main column. You can add the search unit either in the posts column or in the sidebar. The referrals units can go in the sidebars at the bottom.

Follow the procedure till you come to the code for pasting in your site. Then login to Dashboard click on Layout under the name of your blog. Click on 'Add Page Element' in the sidebar and choose Html/ javascript option in the popup window. Copy the code for the Ad. from Adsense setup page and paste it into the Content area. Save changes.

To add the code in the main column of your blog. Click on 'Edit Html' Tab to open the Edit Template page. Let Expand widget templates box be unchecked. In Edit template field scroll down till you come to the code for the main column which is :

<div id="main-wrapper">
<b:section class="main" id="main" maxwidgets="1" showaddelement="no">
<b:widget id="Blog1" locked="false" title="Blog Posts" type="Blog">

In the above code change maxwidgets="1" to maxwidgets="2"
Also change showaddelement="no" to showaddelement="yes"
Save Template.

Now click Page Elements tab. The Add and arrange Page Elements page opens.
Here you can now see that Blog posts section has a Add Element link. Click it to open the choices page. Choose Html/Javascript option.
Copy and paste the Adsense code into the Content field. Save changes. This will place the Ad. on top of your posts. To place it below your posts go to Page Elements view and in the Blog Posts Section click and drag the Ad. to below the posts. To place one more Ad above the posts change maxwidgets="2" to maxwidgets="3" and repeat the above process. Refresh Cache. View Blog. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT ; Many readers have asked for a hack similar to Classic Blogger in which we could add Adsense Ads. within the body of the posts. louiss lim has a hack for this here. However this is done by altering part of the Adsense Ad. code which is against the TOS, so he has submitted it to Adsense for approval. Also it seems that only text Ads. can be added this way.

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Anonymous said...


I wish to know how to add the adsense at the very top just below the top banner in blog.

I cannot see options like "add page elements" only the ability to edit my template html or pick new template.


vin said...


Use method as shown here :

How to add Picture to Beta Blog Header

Mean_N_Nasty_Angel said...

Thank you! Been trying for 2 days to get this done with the 'adsense' button in the pop up window, and kept getting the 'Please correct errors on page' 'internal error please try again'.

jumbinjo said...

Does somebody knows how to put AdBrite ads inside the post?????

AdBrite has different could, which is not the same as Adsense.

Baba said...

You are simply great, from soo many days i was trying to paste the ads from other ad networks, but was finding it difficult, but you made it soo easy, Thanks soo much

Winn said...

Hello Vin,

I would like to translate your blog in to Thai language what is your advise?


Vin said...

Blimey Blog,

Which posts do you want to translate?

millionaireguy said...

hi vin,

thanks so much!!! i'm starting to feel desperate finishing the last procedure of this adsense. long live!!


Anonymous said...

My adsense show public ads.. pls help.

Vin said...


You have to Optimize blog for the Search Engines so that they can deliver advertisements targeted to your blog content.

emp said...

hey vin...ive placed ads from google,adbrite as well as from,the problem is the ads especially google adsense are showing public community ads on some of my page..i mean,some page have public ads while others do i fix it up?

vin said...


Optimize blog for the search engines so that they can deliver Ads. targeted to blog content.

Eve said...

How can I paste my adsense code under the header in the Miima template for blogger?

And how can I change my Minima 2 column template to a 3 column Minima template?


Vin said...


Have a look at :

How to put Adsense Link Unit in Header?

Three Column Template in Three Steps.

Eve said...

Hi Vin,

Tried to make a 3 column Minima template - I certainly did something wrong!

Please help me!

My blog is:



Unknown said...

do you know how can I show ads only in the post permalink sites? I use expandable posts with the read more link.
I have some 10 posts on the main site, I don't want adds to show there on the post body, only show when the user clicks the read more and goes to the post page.
I've seen this in sites like, but I don't knw how to do it in a bloger blog.

Vin said...

Martí Broquetas,

You can do that by pasting adsense code in a HTML gadget in sidebar and using conditional tags in that gadget.

Stephen Fosdick, said...

Vin ... great blog. Keep up the good work. I hope this is not too far off topic! I have no idea how many hits my blog is getting. Is there a way for me to track it? If I'm not getting very many hits, why bother with ads? How can I add a counter to my blog?

Vin said...

Stephen Fosdick,,

You can add :

Statcounter or

Google Analytics

to track your visitors.

Anonymous said...

good day
How can i change my template?

Vin said...


How to change the Blogger Template or Layout?

Anonymous said...

Hi vin. I messaged you yesterday asking how to change my template and you directed me to top of the post but the pop up window of the link on top of the post for how to change template is saying the site does not exist.
so what do i do?

Vin said...


Copy the link (Right click link and choose "Copy Shortcut").

Then paste it here.

Anonymous said...

Good day Vin.
How do i know my blog host USER NAME & PASSWORD as i was not given any when i created my blog. My blog name is
Also, what is web host address?

Vin said...


To recover password go to : is where you sign in to your account to create blogs and manage them.

Anonymous said...

Good day Vin,
Thanks for all the work you are doing.
While trying to add adsense to my blog, I opened my webpage through my NVU editor but the webpage opened with an ALERT MESSAGE: "This page can't be edited for unknown reason". I closed the page and restarted but it opened with thesame alert message. I ignored the message and clicked on the HTML tag button so as to paste my adcode between the open BODY and close BODY tags but instead of showing the tags it showed boxes all over the webpage with inscriptions like BODY,IFRAME,SPAN,H2,H3,A.
What do i do? My blog name is :

Vin said...


Use the method shown in above post. No need to use any editors.

patsnik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vin said...

Νίκος Π.,

I can see <div id='main-wrapper'> in the page source.

Perhaps you can email me the template?

Funny Photos Site said...

I can put the ads on my blog ,but unfortunately no image ad is shown there..


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