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How to Analyze Site Traffic with Google Analytics.

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To analyze web site traffic with Google Analytics you will.....

first have to add the Analytics code to your blog template. To do this go to Google Analytics and register with your Google account. It is free and has no limitations. On the Analytics Settings page click on '+ Add Website Profile' link in the top frame of the Website Profiles box. This takes you to the ' Create New Website Profile' page.

Paste the URL of your blog/site in the text box under ' Add a Profile for a new domain '. Select the timezone of your country and click on Finish. A new page opens where you are presented with the code to be pasted in your template. Right click in the text box and Select All and then left click in the shaded section and select Copy. Go to Edit Html under Template tab in your blog after logging in to Dashboard and clicking on your blog name. Scroll down in Edit Template text box and paste the code copied from Google Analytics at the very end of the template just before the </body> tag. Save Template Changes. Republish.

Go back to Google Analytics main Settings page and you will find your site/blog listed. Click on the confirm link to confirm that you have added the code to your blog and Google Analytics will start receiving data.

To see the reports go to Google Analytics Settings page click the down arrow in the text box 'Click to select Website Profile' next to 'View Reports' in the orange bar running across the top of the page. Select the blog url for which you want to view reports. The default 'Executive Overview' page of Reports of your site opens. The page is divided into two main parts : A sidebar and a main column titled Executive Overview. Click the image alongside for a bigger view. The sidebar contains the Dashboards where youcan select the views you want to see, the All Reports section showing optimization for Marketing and for Content and lastlya Date Range section where you can select a date range for which to view reports.

The main column of Executive Overview is divided into four parts. The top left rectangle show Visits and Pageviews for the last week. The top right rectangle show how many visits were by New and how many by Returning visitors as a percentage of the total visits that week. The bottom left recangle shows a Geo Map Overlay showing the international distribution of your visitors that week. The bottom right shows the Visits by Source that week showing the sites your visitors came from.

Some other useful site counters can be found at :

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kris said...

Thank you so much for your concise and (extremely!) helpful instructions. I never understood how the hell to use Google Analytics before - thanks again!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help. From now on you are my Guru on blog issues.



Anonymous said...

good stuff!!! I've set up analytics on other sites but wasn't sure if it was possible on my eblogger blog. Thanks for your help!!!

Ticking Clock said...

Hi - you've got great instructions- the whole thing is that the analytics says it still can't see the code. They also say that we need to add this to each page. How do we do that?
Thanks for any help.

Vin said...

Ticking Clock,

You can also try pasting the code in a Html Page element. See :

How to Add Widgets to Your Blog.

Diesel Shark said...

Great Article! It worked perfectly!

tal said...


Jill said...

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for, step by step directions for adding GA code to Blogger!

Unknown said...

You are an angel sent from God! Thank you for your concise and user friendly, dummy instructions.

Continue to bless us neo-phyte bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Click on the confirm link to confirm that you have added the code to your blog and Google Analytics will start receiving data.

where is the confirm button?

Vin said...


Login to your GA account and click the Verify code link.

Lyubov said...

Oh.. That's me again. Vin, sorry, for having bothered you. After I sent you a comment, I checked the Analytics again and surprisingly after about 4 days it accepted the code in my blog!
But not the code of the second site...

Maggi said...

I tried to download this template by clicking on your link and got this message. Please advise:

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.

The server did not understand the request, or the request was invalid. Error processing resource '

Vin said...


Right click the download link and choose 'Save File As' and save it to disk.

No need to open the file. Simply upload to Blog from Layout----->Edit Html------>Click Browse button.


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