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How To List Previous Posts by Title.

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To list All Previous Posts by Title...............

you will use your blog's RSS feed to put content into your sidebar. How to do this has already been described in the post : Add Content with RSS Feeds in a general way. This is a special case in which you can use this method to display the title of all your previous posts in the sidebar.

STEP 1. The feed for your beta blog is of the format :

where instead of 'yourblogname' type in the name of your blog. The feed for your old Blogger blog is : or

Step 2. You will have to convert this feed into Javascript code which you can then insert into your webpage so that it displays on your site. There are many RSS-to-Javascript convertors online which you can search out usinf Google. One of these convertors is located at :

Copy and Paste the above link into your browser and press Enter. Copy and paste the link for your blog feed obtained in Step 1 into the "Enter the web address of the RSS Feed" under 'Build your feed'. In Select the options set 'Number of Items to display' as 0 - This will display all posts. In 'Show item descriptions? How much?' set it as 0 to show no descriptions. Set 'Show item posting date?' as No and click Preview to see whether your titles are coming through. If it displays correctly then click 'Generate Javascript'. The program generates Javascript code along with a noscript code for those browsers without Javascript. Copy the entire code.

Step 3. Go to Layout in your blog after logging in to Dashboard. The Page Elements page opens. Click on 'Add Page Element' in the sidebar section. A new popup window opens where choose HTML/Javascript option and paste the code obtained in Step 2 above in the Content box. Click Save Changes.

Refresh cache. View Blog.

You can see an example of this in my right sidebar at the top.

To do this in Classic Blogger just paste the Javascript code in your template in the sidebar section.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! I have been trying for two days to make this list on my sidebar with no success!!!

Calavera said...


Thanks so much! I've been struggling with this for ages!

You rock!!


Anonymous said...

Great tip. Thanks.

Is there a way to specify the number of posts in the feed URL, something like

vin said...

You can specify the number in the options at the convertor site. Choose how many items you want displayed.

laura said...

I, too, have been struggling with this Previous Post issue and was so excited to find your blog with the helpful information. However, it still doesn't seem to be working. When I click "Preview", nothing happens and it returns to the "Build A Feed" page and instructs me to "Feed It Again". Any tips on what I am doing wrong?

vin said...

Test your feed URL to see if it provides a valid feed by going to a feed validator or opening it in a feed reader.

Michael Zlatkovsky said...

Wonderfully helpful. Well done!
(In my case, setting the # of posts to 0 did not actually work -- I only got partial results; however, I simply set the # to about a million, and figured that it'd be enough for now. ;-) Worked flawlessly from there).

Thanks again!
- Michael

Mr Green said...

this method seems to only display the titles of the posts that are actually visible on the front page of my blog.

I would like to show 6 posts on my front page, but link to ALL previous posts in the sidebar, not just 10, and not just the 6 displayed.

can you help?
thanks in advance

vin said...

Mr Green,
That can be done but it will end up making one sidebar very long and which will go on expanding every time a post is added. That is why the archives are collapsed. One way to do it is to use the hacked archive code used in this post :
Table of Contents Template

Soupdragon said...

Ta very much! May I add though, that the converter page you recommended doesn't seem to be active. I noticed my list of previous posts was empty, and checked the site. It seems to be down. I Googled for another one and it's working fine.

Thanks again for this info ~ its invaluable!



Is there a trick to list the posts within this archive-script alphabetically? Script is super, by the way, if just there where an A-Z listing... :-(

Lagenda Blogger said...

Your guide is excellent.
Wish I find your side earlier.
You should do more promotion for yur side.

+++ShoesPlus+++ said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

How come I can't validate my feed?

Matt said...

This is a great solution; thank you! Is there a way to add the date of each post, such as "(May 29)", at the end of each title?

Matt said...

Oops, a problem cropped up. My blog's RSS feed seems to be a messed up; it's showing the most recent 3 posts properly, but then it starts listing other posts in reverse order. Any ideas?

The AP said...

I managed to list my previous posts. But, the list seems to be double spaced or something, and that makes the list way too long for my taste. Is there a way to single space the list?

vin said...

Arrogant Philosopher,

Styling options are present on the Javascript convertor page.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this solution works only on condition that the visitor has her JavaScript ON. Which is pretty accidental and a good publisher should not rely on this. The list of latest posts should be seen on ANY condition (same way as Labels or Archive items are). One possible workaround is adding the feed page element using your own feed, because the feed item links are not generated via JS but are the usual ul-li list items. But again, there is only up-to-5-items-max. condition, dont understand why :((( (to be clear, I dont like the Archive hierarchy, it-s ugly)

vin said...


There is a <NOSCRIPT> option also available in the final code obtained at the site mentioned in the above post. Also there is no5 item max limit here as with the blogger feed element.

RichardK said...

I'm grateful for this how-to on listing posts by title... but was I kidnapped by aliens and taken to the planet of the website quagmires from hell?

That seems more plausible than the other explanation, which is that has wiped out the ability to easily have a simple, flat list of past posts by title, which used to be the default, and replaced it with fussy hierarchical indexes requiring the visitor to navigate through folders of dates -

or else, requiring the blogger to get involved with these elaborate instructions involving feeds.

Don't misunderstand, my beef is NOT with this website - just the opposite, my beef is with, for making the blogs less convenient. (Maybe they got bought out by Microsoft???)

Roberto said...

Hi Vin,
As usual, I have to thank you for your usually clear cut directions that get me RESULTS!!! This time though, I don't know if "List to Previous Posts" is what I need. What I'm looking for is a search box that will open to a Table of Contents by TITLE (title only, no descriptions). Is that possible.

vin said...


A search box will return results depending on what the viewer asks it to search. Hence everytime it will be different.

While a Table of Contents is something which does not change except when new posts are added.

James Chia said...

thank you. i've been wanting to get a customised recent posts sidebar for my blogspot for ages!

panatha4ever said...

Hi there

I used the scripot and it is not working fine. To be more specific

I used the url you suggest as a feed url
as well as onother one which my browser (FF) links to when I click the appropriate button

Both urls generate a javascript which works but DOES NOT get updated if I post a new article

For instance, if you check my blog right now, you'll see that the problem exists since the top 2 posts do not appear on the right habd side (sidebar) as they should be

vin said...


Try burning your blog feed at Feedburner and using that feed URL :

Tips On Feedburner

nicquee said...

Hi Vin,

Thank you for all your help! I tried the link you gave above and was successful. However, before the list itself, my blog title is also displayed. Is there anything I can do so that my list appears right away? I don't the blog title so appear first.

nicquee said...

hey vin,

this post is really helpful! thank you very much!

Jos said...

Perfect, works like a charm!
Thanks Vin

Kiklopzdvemaučema said...


Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. And it's so easy when you explain ... Thank you.

dariusz żukowski said...


this hack was very useful and works smoothly, but I had to data-mine to it through the whole lot of Internet blind alleys -- maybe you should promote your side a little wider?

I still have 2 questions:

1) how about a name of the blog disappearing from the top of the list?

2) is it possible to customize date format? Now it's like: "posted on January 21, 2008 01:10:00 pm", while I'd like it like: "jan 12, 2008" or "21-01-2008" without "posted on..." stuff.

Thanks a lot for a great hack!

Vin said...

dariusz żukowski,

Have a look at :

Display Post Titles without Dates.

puyal said...

Got it right the first time":) But though I followed your instructions correctly only the recent 20 posts are displayed. Is it usual? It is not a big issue. Just curiosity.

Vin said...


That is because Blogger sends the latest 20 posts in the feed.

Mumsy said...

thank you so much for taking time out to teach dummies like me!

ROHAIDA said...

Hi again,
Vin, I want to classify my labels or should I say my posts' titles just like what you did in bb4d.(which has main categories and reveals sub categories when you click the "plus" sign). Do you have any post discussing this topic? please advise me and thanks for your help.

Vin said...


Have a look at How to Classify Blogger Labels.

Anonymous said...

I tried the link you gave above and was successful. However, before the list of posts, my blog title is also displayed. Is there any way I can do so that my list appears right away? I don't like the blog title to appear.Help plzzzzzzzzz. How you have done and your bullets also.Plz help for this small thing.

Vin said...


What is your blog address?

Anonymous said...

Vin Sir,
Thanks for reply. my blog address is:- .I only want to have post lists like you. How can i delete blog title Ankush Studio.I want only post lists like you. I hope you have understood my problem.Thanks. Plzzz solve.

Vin said...


Have a look at How to Display ALL Post Titles without Dates?

Anonymous said...

thank you Mr. Vin
It worked for me in my blog, i looked for it at so many tutorials and no one worked perfectly, but this one worked. Great post

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vin. Your script worked for me. I wanted to know how to add bullets to the listing. When I do a preview, the bullets are shown, however in my blog I do not see the bullets. Could u please help. Thanks for your time.

Vin said...


Check out How to Style a Feed gadget.

Ismail Fitry said...

Hi Vin,

I followed your instruction, and as Puyal commented above, only 20 recent posts are displayed. I would like to have all the title post displayed. How can I make sure Blogger send all the titles in the feed? Could help me with this?

Ismail Fitry said...

Hi Vin, My blog ( only shows 25 title post at the sidebar. Could you help me to increase or to make all the title from my blog shown at the sidebar?
I figured out that only 25 post are being displayed for my feed.


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