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Britney Spears, Shakira, Sony Music Videos in Blogs.

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Do you want Britney Spears, Shakira, Jessica Simpson Sony Music Videos in your blog.......

To see the above player in action go to my blog Sony Music Video.

You will first need to create a Brightcove account here. After sending them the url of your blog and other particulars your request is approved and sent back. Click on the link in the return email to get the Javascript code for the player.

Go to Edit Html subtab under Template tab and change the header line of code in the body of the template to :

<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='4' showaddelement='yes'>

This is the line just under <div id='header-wrapper'>

Save the Template and switch to Page Elements tab. Click on Add Page Element link in the header and choose Html/Javascript option. Paste the player code into the content section and save. Click and drag the page element just created to below the title and save.

View Blog.

You can even create a new player as a publisher by going here and also choose the content and branding elements.

As an affiliate you can search the broad range of players to find video for your site. Then preview video, read about opportunities, review economic offers (if applicable) and submit syndication requests. Once an affiliate submits a request, publishers review the application and either approve or deny it. If approved, the affiliate receives an e-mail with a link to the publishing code. Affiliates choose HTML, JavaScript or ActionScript code to publish the player to their site. Once published, they can sign in to the Brightcove console to check reports and manage their growing media distribution business.

The Brightcove Syndication Services are free to affiliates anywhere in the world.
Unless otherwise noted on the publisher's web site, all content that is currently available for syndication from Brightcove is free to an affiliate.

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