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Google Docs & Spreadsheets in your Blog.

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets can be embedded in your Blog. To do this.........

go to and login with your GMail Account. You will see the Welcome Screen where click on New Spreadsheet. In the next page Click on Continue button in Get Started with Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This will lead you to the spreadsheet page where you create your spreadsheet.

After creating the spreadsheet save it. Then click on Publish in the upper right corner to open the Publish sidebar on the right side. Click "Publish now." (If the spreadsheet has already been published, and the publishing options are set to "manual," click "Re-publish" at this point). Click "More publishing options." A window will appear titled "More published formats." From the "File formats" dropdown select "HTML to embed in a webpage." Specify the parameters of the spreadsheet you'd like to embed (i.e. the whole spreadsheet, just one sheet, or a specific range of cells from one sheet). Click "Generate URL." A bit of code will be generated. Copy that code.

Login to your Beta Blogger dashboard. Click on Create Post under the blog in which you want to embed the spreadsheet. In the Post Editor click the Edit Html tab and paste the code in the window and Publish. If you wish change the width and height in the code to resize the spreadsheet. I have embedded a sample spreadsheet below :

Google Docs - Create a Google Doc by going to and login with your GMail Account. You will see the Welcome Screen where click on New Document. Create a new Document and save it. Then click on Publish in upper right corner. In the new window click on Publish to Blog. Choose your Blog Service Provider and type in your Blog Username and Password then click on OK..

In both the above cases you can publish the documents as standalone and you will be provided with their URLs which you can send to anyone for them to view the documents and even collaborate on them.

If you do not wish to embed these documents/spreadsheets in your blog you can provide the link to them in your blog.
If you have created these files offline on your PC you can upload them to a freeserver like Googlepages and then provide their links on your blog. At present Googlepages offers 100MB free space for hosting any type of file.

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Anonymous said...

This procedure worked very well. I didn't need a calculating spreadsheet. I needed a slicker way to embed a text table. An example of the code's default size parameters having been edited can be viewed at

"Autoharp Community", -A Portland Play Along Selection-, April 28, 2008.

Anonymous said...

very useful articel



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