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Pinging Simplified.

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Pinging is a process of attracting the search engines for indexing your blogs....

A Blog is a special type of website which has dynamic content constantly being updated as opposed to a static website. A static website's content does not renew itself constantly. Hence it is difficult to attract the search engines repeatedly to index the site. It may take upto two months for a static website to get indexed while blogs are indexed almost immediately. Blogs, because their content constantly renews itself attract the attention of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Ping is the process by which a blog notifies a search engine that new content has been added and the search engine responds by sending its spiders which are automated bots or programs which crawl the site and index its contents. You can automate the ping proces s by going to Settings----->Publishing------->Notify>Yes------>Save Settings. You can also ping multiple search engines with one click at or or

You can ping feedburner at

You can ping Technorati at To get Yahoo to index you faster create a My Yahoo Account.

After publishing a post ping the search engines with the URL of your post and not the URL of your blog.
At the bottom of your My Yahoo click the Add Content link. In Find Content box clickon Add RSS by url link next to Find Button. In the next window paste your Beta blog Feed url into the text box and click Add.
The URL of your beta blog's feed is

Substitute your actual blog name instead of 'yourblogname' in above links. This will add the content of your blog to the My Yahoo page and Yahoo will send its spiders across faster. To ping Yahoo faster go to Type in your blog url and click on Create Yahoo ping code. A URL link is generated. The link will be of this type :

Bookmark this link in your browser and at the end of publishing any post just click on this bookmark to ping Yahoo.

Pingback is a process by which Web authors request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. Blogger does not currently support pingbacks or trackbacks.

Blogger instead has the Backlinks feature which enables you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. For example if someone else posts on a topic similar to yours and links back to your post then your post will automatically show a link to the other post. To enable Backlinks go to Settings------>Comments----->Backlinks------->Show--------->Save Settings. These links are shown under the posts with the title "Links to this Post" next to the Comments link. Clicking that link takes you to the post page where all the backlinks are shown under the post and the comments.

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Anonymous said...

hi thanks for the great info. should more the automatic pinging be done?

Kannan Kartha said...

This was helpful. However, how helpful having our blog registered in a blog directory from Ping if ping triggers the crawls?

Kannan Kartha said...

How does posting into a blog directory help compared to having your blog pinged?

vin said...


Pinging notifies the search engines that new content has been added to your blog so that they can send the spiders to crawl and reindex it.

Adding your blog to a directory can get you visits from other members.

Also since directories also have new content being added they are frequently crawled by spiders who will follow your blog link back to your blog and index it.

M.Yu said...


My backlinks disappear sometimes on blogger. The links are still there at the other blog but do not show at mine. Are you familiar with this problem?


Vin said...


Since Google backlinks are unaffected I wouldn't worry about it.

ladyinpurple said...

I already pinged my blogs to technorati. But how will I automate it with my blogger and wordpress accounts?

Vin said...


In Blogger go to Settings--->Basic--->Let Search Engines Find Your Blog---->Yes---->Save Settings.

ladyinpurple said...

I followed their instructions on how to automate pinging with wordpress accounts yet I can't find the "UPDATE SERVICE" text box where I can enter the the ping url under OPTIONS->WRITING

Vin said...


Check out the Wordpress Forums.

Lee Walsh said...

Hey Vin,

Thanks for the info...

To use the myyahoo link to my blogger site I had to add /defaults

Anonymous said...

This is great post that you have put up showing the information on pinging. And thanks for the links that you have provided in this post.

Ugo Dosh said...

Thanx vin. You are so intelligent with the posts. Vin i just opened up a new blog ( ) and i have been looking for ways to sent traffic to it. As it appears, only my family members and i log onto it. With the backlink functionality does it fetch traffic. Thanx 4 ur anticipated rock!

Vin said...


Here are methods to increase traffic to blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin. Thanks for this great site, it's brilliant for newbies. I've been tweaking my blog using information you've provided.
I've just bought a custom domain ( When I published a post to the previous domain ( it used to pop up in a Google alert very quickly but the one post I've made with the new domain name never showed up.
Do I need to go back and re-do everything (pings, feedburner, Technorati etc) with the new domain name? My next post is going to include a free downloadable pdf year planner for the Cook Islands so I really want it to be promoted as widely as possible.
Hope I'm posting this in the right place.
Regards, Penelope

Vin said...


Go to and ping the search engines with the permalink of the post.

Also verify new domain at Google Webmaster Tools.

You can keep the feedburner link as is but claim the new domain at


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