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Technorati in Blogger Beta.

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Technorati is the search engine for blogs and hence no blogger can afford to go without it in his/her blog................

Google is the generalized search engine for the web. Technorati is a search engine which is specialized for blogs. Blogs in contrast to other web sites have ever changing content and Technorati focuses on them by searching them for keywords. Each blog is indexed and individually ranked among the 50 plus million blogs in today's blogosphere. The major differences between the two are outlined below :

Search Engines Compared
Generalized Search Specialized Search
Searches static, inactive Web Searches Dynamic Web
No Focus Focuses on Blogs
Infrequent visits to site Immediate indexing of content
More sites to coverLess sites to cover increasing efficiency
Covers World Wide WebCovers World Live Web

Just as you have to submit your site to Google and the other search engines you have also to 'submit' your blog to Technorati so that other bloggers/readers can find your blog in the blogosphere. Also by doing so you can analyze your blog traffic, backlinks and find out your blog rank.

To register with Technorati go to and click on Join link at the top or click here. After registering you have to 'claim' your blog which is like submitting your site. To do this go here. Claiming your blog establishes that you are the (co-)author of the blog and allows you to use other Technorati services to help increase the visibility of your blog.

During the claiming process Technorati will give you a snippet of code which you have to paste in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. To do this go to Page Elements subtab of Template tab and click on Add Page Element in the sidebar. In the new window choose Html/Javascript option and paste the code in contents and save. Having done this go back to technorati and click on Verify so that Technorati spiders your blog. Automatic robots known as "spiders" are released by Technorati to discover content on your site and its feeds. Technorati uses RSS feeds to track updates to millions of blogs. After updating your blog or after every post you have to ping Technorati to let them know that fresh content has been added. It then sends the spiders to index the content.

Each blog you claim will be listed on the Your Blogs page. To make sure the world can see it on Technorati, click the "Configure Blog" button and check to make sure that "Include this blog in Technorati's Blog Finder" is checked. This includes your blog in its Blog directory.

Technorati receives alerts from the Blogger servers whenever a user updates his or her public weblog. To set this automated ping go to Settings---->Basic----->Add your blog to our listings----->Yes---->Save Settings. Blogger will now ping Technorati automatically whenever content is updated.

Technorati breaks up your weblog's home page into smaller sections such as posts and sidebars. You can help Technorati's spiders properly identify a unique post and its proper link destination by adding a link with a defined relationship of "bookmark" for each post. For example:

<a href="" rel="bookmark">Post title</a>

Technorati also uses tags to index your blog. A tag as a simple category name. People can categorize their posts, photos and videos with any tag that makes sense. For example if you have a post about films you can tag it with the tag 'film'. Another post about family matters can be tagged as 'family'. Thus you can have posts on various subjects within your blog all neatly categorized using tags. In Beta Blogger tags are called as Labels.

There are two types of tags recognized by Technorati. Post tags are tags added to your posts and they allow your posts to be listed in Technorati's tag search here. To add the tags, add the below code for each tag you'd like add to your post into the body of your post.

<a href="[TAGNAME]" rel="tag">[TAGNAME]</a>

Publishing a tagged post in Blogger automatically pings Technorati about updated content. If your blog software supports categories and RSS/Atom feeds just use the included category system and make sure you are publishing RSS/Atom feeds and your categories will be read as tags.

Blog Tags are tags added to your blog on Technorati's Blog Configuration page here. These tags allow your blog to be listed in Technorati's Blog Finder and Explore feature.

Technorati indexes the home page of your weblog assisted by the content of your web feeds. If the home page of your weblog contains summaries or plain-text with no links Technorati may not recognize and index your full posts.

If you use the Atom syndication format to publish the content of your weblog Technorati can still index the full text of your post regardless of your content choices on your weblog home page. Just include your entire post within the content element of each entry and we will recognize this content as the full content of your post.


You can search Technorati Blog diectory.

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Unknown said...

hi Vin
i am not using bloggers hosting but my trying to add the technorati auto ping widget feature but cant find the add features 1 of your many posts i believe you say it's not there if you ftp do i add it then?....went to template edit html (barely know any html myseelf) and pasted it near botoom of my sidebar code...tried preview nothing happened...tried looking at my blog in new change...any suggestions?...sorry to be a pesty noob Hunter

Vin said...

Hunter Vaughan,

You are using the Classic Template. You seem to have pasted the code in the CSS section. Paste it immediately before this line :

<h2 class="sidebar-title">Archives</h2>

TheDailyGrok said...

Hi Vin,
is my blog and I am trying to add the technorati favorites widget. I have the code that technorati provided me but I'm not sure where to add the code. Also, I added the digg widget but not sure if I did it correctly as I don't think it looks right. Any instructions you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks and really enjoy this site!


Vin said...


Paste the Technorati code in a Html gadget.

The Digg looks OK.

Stacey said...

Hi Vin just wondered if you could help, joined technorati and tried to claim blog and its said my blog is invalid does this mean i have a lot of errors?

Vin said...


First add the technorati widget to blog. Then claim it.


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