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YouTube, Flickr in Blogger Beta.

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YouTube videos and Flickr photos can be put inside your beta blog.........

YouTube is a free video hosting and online video streaming service that allows users to view and share videos that have been uploaded by the members. Membership is free but there is a ten minute length limit on the video length. You cannot download the videos but you can view them in your browser. You can embed these videos in your blog. To see the videos the viewer has to be logged into YouTube and be part of the list the video is shared with (Friends or family). If they are not, the video will display "Loading," but the video will not load.

First Register and become a member and then upload your video. Then click on 'Post Video' link below each video. In popup window Click on click here link to add your blog. Then click on “Add a New Blog” link. Enter your blog account Username and Password and click "Add Blog". A list of your blogs will come up of which choose the one you want to add it to. Next add the Title and the text to accompany the video and click Post to blog.

Another method is to copy the code given at the side of each video next to Embed word. Then paste it in the the Edit Html tab of the Post Editor. click on Publish. I have a YouTube video on Beta Blogger at this post : Video on Beta Blogger. See Image below :

The embed code is similar to this :

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed
src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

To make it autoplay, just add "&autoplay=1" to the code so it looks like this:

<object width="425"height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425"

For beta blogger it may show error in which case modify the code to :

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350" data=""><param
name="movie" value="" /></object>


You can put Youtube videos in sidebar using their RSS feeds from here. Choose which videos you would like to put in the sidebar then right click the red RSS button next to it and click on Copy Link Location. Login to dashboard of Beta blogger and go to Layouts link of the blog you wish to add the videos to. Then click on Add Page Element in the sidebar and choose Feed. Paste the Feed url from Youtube and clck on save. Your sidebar will show the number of videos which you have chosen. See my Left column at the bottom where I have added the top three youtube videos.

You can also create a Youtube Badge which will show images of your six most recently uploaded videos. See how to here.


You can now set up one click video sharing from YouTube :

On YouTube Video Page click 'Share' button below the video on left hand corner of the bottom frame.

Scroll down and click "Setup your blog for video posting."

Click "Add a Blog/Site".

Choose 'Blogger' and put in your login information.

Choose which blogs you'd like to add to your YouTube account. You can choose more than one.

Now when you click Share you will get the option to add video directly to your blog.


After pasting YouTube code in Edit Html tab of Post Editor click on Preview link in the top frame of post editor. If it looks like this :

it will not play on publish. Click on Hide Preview to return to Edit Html tab of Post Editor. Click once just before the code line below the video and tap Backspace key once on keyboard. Click Preview again to check if there are any code lines below the video. If there are repeat to arrange the code without line breaks. On Preview no code lines should be seen below the video and it should look like this :

Now the video will play on publishing.

Flickr also has a similar method to post their images on your blog. Flickr is a photo sharing and hosting website enabling you to share photos with your friends and also put them in your blog. Go to and register to get a new account. Then click Upload photos to go to Upload window. Clickon Browse to locate the photos on your disk and then click open. Choose options to make them Public or Private and put tags on them and then click on Upload. Tags are words used to categorize and describe photos. After your photos are uploaded click on save after adding Title and description.

Click on the photo to open it and click on Blog This link on top of the photo. You will be asked to configure a blog to post to. Click that link. Choose your blogging application Blogger/Beta Blogger. If beta Blogger Flickr will ask to have access to your beta account. Click the Head over to Google link. Click on Grant Access. Put in your Username and Password and then go through remaining steps to post the photo to your blog.

The Daily Zeitgeist is a little bit of fun that you can add to your website. It is built in Flash, and displays recent photos from Flickr. Go to You will be asked which photos you would like to be displayed and depending on that you will be given a snippet of code which you copy and paste into a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. See Image below :

You can also create your ownFlickr Badge of Photos by going to :
Choose whether you want a Flash badge or a Html badge the former slows down your loading a bit. Go through a series of steps till you come to the code which you can copy and Paste as given for the zeitgeist. See Image below for flash badge :


Fran said...

The methos you describe embedding a youtube video in blogger, is not working in the beta version

vin said...

The method descibed above is for beta blogger now called the new blogger and it works.

Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

The youtube code modification trick worked with me. Thanks a lot.

me. said...

What code do I type in, and where, to get the flickr photo thumbnails on the side of my blog page?

vin said...


Just use the Blog This link at Flickr as explained in above post. There is no code to copy. For more help my email address is in middle column.

vion said...


i happen not to see any red RSS button next to the videos on youtube recently. do you know what happen with it? and how can we put the videos on the sidebar if the button is no longer there?


Vin said...


Perhaps they are videos which they do not wish to share.

Have you inquired at YouTube Help and forums?

vion said...

thanks for the reply.

i tried several different videos (ranging from a top video clip to an obscure one), but the button was nowhere to be found.

well normally, after we find the video we want, we then click on it to watch the video, right? where is the button supposed to be? i could only see options such as favorites, add to playlist, and flag. thanks for the help.

Vin said...


If they provide the 'EMBED' code you can paste it in a Html Page element.

vion said...

thanks. that one works.


Music Food and Love said...

I can upload the youtube videos but when I do that the comments section disappear when I post. Why is this happening?

Vin said...

Music Food and Love,

Can you give the link of a post where the comments section is not there after adding a video?

Also give the link of a post without the video and having the comments section.

Music Food and Love said...

Oh, I got it! Have no idea how I did it, I'm new at blogging.
Thank's anyway Vin and may I say this site is very helpfull!

Aussie said...

Hey Great site,
I just want to know how to get a video of mine hosted by Motionbox to appear in the center of my post

Many thanks,

Vin said...


Paste the code they give you in Edit Html tab of Post Editor.
Then Publish.

Jakob said...


I seem to have the same problem as "Music Food and Love". When I use youtube embed code sometimes the comment field just disappear.


However, if I change in the post so that the embed code is in the bottom, after all the other text, the comment-field will appear as normal.

Also, after posting a few other posts the comment field sometimes appear again when the post with the embed code is not among the most recent posts.

Any suggestions?



Vin said...


Try clearing the cache.

Use Firefox browser.

BTW I do not see the comment field in your post without the video!!

tirza said...

Hello Vin,

I have tried to add my favourite youtube videos to the video sidebar. The channel option doesn't work as do not have any uploaded videos. I only want to show my favourites. Embedding the videos in a html page element doesn't work. Can you help me?


Vin said...


Paste Youtube Playlist code in a Html gadget in sidebar.

You may have to increase width of sidebar.

IWS said...

Dear Vin,
Have a look at my site, I managed to post an .rm 4.2 mb video 2 days ago but I cannot post another one just 4mb today?

IWS said...

Dear Vin,
I amanged to post on my blog a 4.2mb of real Player video (.rm), today I cannot post another one that is just 4 mb! weird or what?

Vin said...


What is link of that post? What error message did you get? Did you upload video from your PC?

Mirjam said...

Hi Vin,

Any idea what's wrong with the embed code of this

I keep getting an error pop up after posting it.


Vin said...


That is the link of a video. It is not the EMBED code. What is the exact error you are getting?

Oyun Hilesi said...

Thank You very nice


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