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Google Groups Tips and Tricks for Bloggers.

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Google Groups is a simple, reliable service for managing and archiving mailing lists and here are some tips and tricks for bloggers using this service.........

Google Groups is a free service which helps groups of people communicate effectively using email and the Web. Every group has a home page hosted by Google where members can start new discussions or reply to older topics. Every group also has its own email address to help its members stay in touch with each other. Members can read and search all public Google Groups content, including more than 1 billion postings from the Usenet bulletin board service, dating back to 1981. Every group has its own Google-fast search, making it easy to find discussions locked away deep in your group's archive.

To create your own group go to OR and click on Create a Group. Name your group, and fill out the other required info. Add the email addresses of the people in your group. Select the option to automatically add members or to send invitations. You can add multiple email addresses by going to Manage------>Add or Invite Members. Copying and pasting an existing list of email addresses into this form is one easy way of populating your group. Click "Done." Google will send notifications or invitations to your group members.

In your blog go to Settings------>Email------->BlogSend Address----->Type in the email address of your group.-------->Save Settings. Your blog will be mailed to the group address whenever you publish and the group will send it to all the members of the group.
After each member joins go to Management Tasks------>Manage Members------->Edit each member, so that each member can receive an email fro the Group. You can even set the comment notification address in Settings----->Comments as the Group Email Address. Then all members will also receive new comments made on the blog.

To promote your group click on Manage in the top bar of the group. Then click on promote in the line 'Get a promotion box for your website' which is last line in the About this Group box. You can get a button for your page as below
Google GroupsBloggerBetafordummies
Browse Archives at

Or Get a Subscribe box for your site as below :

Google GroupsSubscribe to BloggerBetafordummies

Browse Archives at

Just copy and paste the code given in a Html/Javascript Page Element.

You can also join any other group which is open. Some groups only allow members to read and search the group's content. Most groups require you to join before posting new topics and replies. Finally, joining a group will let you access it easily from your "My Groups" page. You can join a group by going to the group's homepage and clicking the blue "Join this group" link just under the group name near the top of the page. From here, just choose how you want to read the group's content, enter a nickname, and click the "Join this group" button.

For Help on Blogging join Blogger Help Group. Some Tips on utilizing this group effectively :
  • 1. Use the search function first to see if your query has already been answered previously.
  • 2. Use Start a New Topic to post your question. Do not post your question in the middle of a thread. Chances are it might get ignored as well as disturbing the thread discussion.
  • 3. Do not start multiple threads. Wait for a reasonable period for the question to be answered.
  • 4. Always give the specifics like Blog URL, PC Operating System etc.
  • 5. Check Blogger Help before posting a topic.
  • 6. Be specific about your question instead of raving and ranting.
  • 7. Use the Show options link at the top of every post to contact the author of the post or to Reply | Forward | Print | Individual Message | Report Abuse | Find messages by this author.


If you form your own Google Group you can upload files there for free file hosting. The present limit is 100 MB space for each Group. This is similar to Googlepages.

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Unknown said...

Is it possible to make a request? I would like to have only an image as header. How do I do that?

Thank you!

vin said...


Take a look at this post :

Add Picture to a Beta Blog Header


Lexi said...

Woooo! Finally, a way to make a mailing list without creating another account elsewhere. The same could be done with Yahoo!, but I use Google Groups more. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Vin, how do I find the Google Groups Join Box and how do I put it into my blog?


Vin said...


Create your Google Group.
Click 'Group Settings' link in right sidebar :

Then click the Get Promotion Blox link :

Replace CAPS in above links with name of your group. Copy the code and paste in a Html gadget in your blog.

website designing delhi said...

good ways to post mail though blog is there any way to see members emails


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