Migrating to the New Blogger - Authentic Blogger Experience. ~ The Blog Doctor.

Migrating to the New Blogger - Authentic Blogger Experience.

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Migrating to the New Blogger has caused so many complaints and heartburns that I decided to have a show and tell of my personal authentic experience in pictures.......

Frankly I was dreading the time when I would be forced to migrate to the new blogger. I took all the precautions of backing up my old blogs with their templates and also the new blogs which I had made with a Google account in the New Blogger. Finally the day dawned and the invitation to migrate was there on my Dashboard. See the picture below. Click on picture to view bigger image.

Like the picture says I then clicked on Switch to the new version and got my second screen as shown below :

This was to confirm my sign-in. I entered my password and checked the box to accept the Terms of Service and clicked on Continue. This brought up yet another screen as shown below :

This showed a list of my blogs which I confirmed and clicked on Continue to bring up yet another screen as shown below :

Since I already had a Google Account I signed in to it on another page and was presented with this screen see below :

This informed me that the blogs are being moved and I received the confirmatory email almost immediately.

My blogs were migrated with their original template and will have to be upgraded to the new Layouts Template in a different process later.

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MediaTrial. said...


Vin said...


The bx errors are due to connectivity issues. Try connecting at less busy times or from a broadband network.

Sue said...

I don't know how to get the layouts tab back and I don't have the followers widget.. :(

Vin said...

Suki Dukez,

Upgrade to Layouts.

Then add the Followers gadget.


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