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Mumbai Marathon Map Pedometer.

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The Mumbai Marathon will be held on 21 st January 2007. For marathon afficionados and fitness enthusiasts and those training for the Mumbai Marathon here is a way to map the route and see how many calories you will spend.......

For doing this we will use an online pedometer which uses Google Maps to measure distances and also gives the amount of calories spent. There is also an elevation profile (only for US maps at present). The route can be measured in Kilometers or miles. After measuring out the route you can save the route as a webpage and send the link to your friends.

You can use this site to measure your daily morning run or evening walk anywhere in the world.

You can zoom in and see the details on the route or zoom out to see the route in its entirety. To do this use the zoom and pan tool at the upper left hand corner of the map. Click on the plus sign to zoom in and the minus sign to zoom out.

To start go to Gmaps Pedometer. The default map shown is of North America.

Click on Image for larger view

Click on the map and drag to navigate on the map to your city (in this case Mumbai). The top of the map has four options :Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Topo. Click on the Hybrid option on the top of the map. This is because Google does not have road maps for all the cities.

Click on Image for larger view

Using the vertical slider at the top left corner of the map zoom in till you come to the maximum magnification possible. This lets you see the roads and buildings. When you have identified your starting point choose whether you wish to record the distance in miles or kilometers. See Image below where I have zoomed into the start of the Mumbai Marathon at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus at Mumbai India.

Click on Image for larger view.

Turn on the mile markers and turn on the calorie counter after entering your weight.. Choose the elevation if you are mapping a route in the US..

When you are ready Click on the Start Recording Button. Go to your starting point on the map and double click on the starting point. A starter marker appears at the location. Doubleclick on the next point on the route and a red line appears linking both the points. The map moves to center itself on the new point. Continue in this fashion along the route and a red line marks out the whole route. Markers are placed along the route and the distance and calories are counted as you progress. At any time along the route you can backtrack at any point by clicking on Undo last point button. See Image alongside where I have mapped out the whole Mumbai Marathon. You can see the whole route for yourself by going to Mumbai Marathon Map.. For a larger view drag the vertical slider at the top left corner of the map downwards. To zoom in drag it upwards. To scroll the map in any direction click on the arrows at the top of the left corner or just click and drag on any area of the map surface. Here are more images of the route :

Click on Images for a larger view.

After finishing the route save it by clicking on Save Route. The route is saved as a webpage. You can send this link to anyone. In this manner you can map out your daily morning run anywhere in the world.

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