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Add Language Translation Flags With Mouse Clicks.

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There are many ways to add translation facilities to your blog. All of these require you to copy and paste code from various sites like Google Translate, World Lingo or Altavista. For the first time here is a widget using which you can add these tools to your blog simply using mouse clicks...........

There is no code to be copied and pasted.

Just click on the buttons in the right sidebar. There is one for Google Translation and one for Alta Vista Babelfish. To add the Google Translation Flags click on the button which says Language Translation Widget. See the picture below :

Click on image to enlarge it. After clicking the Buttons you will see the following screen :

Click on image to enlarge it. Here if you want you can change the title. You can also click on the Learn more link which leads to this page. If you have knowledge of programming you can change the content and the template by clicking on Edit Content and Edit Template respectively, though I would not advise it. Lastly select the blog to which you want to add the widget if you have more than one blogs on the Dashboard. Click add Widget button when done. The Page Elements tab of your selected blog opens with the widget added in the sidebar. Click on View Blog to see the widgets. See Picture below :

There is no need to go to Template look for where to add code and all that.

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Holly said...

Hi there! Great blog - and thanks so much for providing so many helpful instructions! :)

I'm having a problem finding the language translator, though. I went to the Layout page, then selected "Add Page Element" for the sidebar, but no language translators were there for me to choose from. Did I miss something? If possible, could you please help me?

Thanks in advance. :)

vin said...

Just click the "Language Translation Widget" or "Add Translate Blog Widget" buttons at the top of the right column on this page.

In the new window which opens select the blog you wish to add it to and click on Add Widget button and Hey Presto! it is added to your blog without any coding!!

Holly said...

PS: I used the first button - the Google translator. I figured it would make things easier if I just used one to start with...

vin said...

Any problem you can email me directly. The address is in left column of this page.

Edukadores said...

My blog is in spanish how can i add a spanish to english trnslation tool?

Edukadores said...

My blog is wriitten in spanish Hpw can i add a spanish to english tranlation tool?

vin said...


I have the code but it cannot be pasted here because the comment box does not allow other HTML tags. If you email me I will send it to you.

My email address is in the middle column.

Roland said...

hi Vin,

dummie here but you're making my (blog)life easier...

my blog is in dutch, how do i add translate to english flag?



Thank you friend. For a very good content, definitely I will be a frequent visitor to your blog.
thank you

Papa said...

I have a spanish lang blog and i like to put a translation to english on the blog. can you send me the HTML code.

Many thanks... i like you site big time !!!!

Vin said...

Lior Danos,

Can you email me? The address is in the middle column.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vin, your widget is very useful and easy to add, but my blog is in Chinese which I need "English" as one of the options for translation but it is not in you widget. Can you let me know how to change the "China flag" to "UK flag"?

Vin said...


Try modifying the widget code in the second step of adding the widget.

Click arrow next to "Edit Content" which appears on Add Page Element. The window with the code will show. Change this line :

<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Chinese Simplified" value="en|zh-CN"......

TO :

<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="English" value="zh-CN|en"......

NOTE : There is no guarantee that this will work! :-)

You will have to search for an English Flag icon on the web.

Yumi said...

Hi Vin. You are genius!!!
I'd like to get a Japanese to English transtation. Is that possible??
My e-add is



Vin said...

Erin & Yumi,

The code is different for that. Email me and I will send it to you.

Also you will have to source a Japanese flag icon from somewhere.

Kat said...

my blog is in greek and I want to add MY translation in english, not just a translator. Like in some websites that there is an option to see them in two languages.. is that possible?

Vin said...


Can you give the link of a blogspot blog or a site which does this?

Kat said...

what I meant was like wikipedia, that you click on a button and you are transferred to the same website but translated. Or for example like big websites like the ones for airlines (easyjet etc).
I don't think I have seen it in another blog.. any ideas??

Vin said...


That is done with Active Server Page (ASP) technology which cannot be implemented in blogspot.

Anonymous said...

OMG,,, huge article here

This is paradise 8)

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


jens said...

I have use google translate plugin for my wordpress,, others not working or too much time to load

thank you

absarforex said...

please tell mini flag translator

penerjemah tersumpah said...

I've tried many times, but has not been successful and hard at all, what is wrong. why? thanks for the information

german translation service said...

I am so amazed to go through this blog.Thanks for a very good content, definitely I will be a frequent visitor to your blog.


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