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At the bottom of each post there is a COMMENTS link which viewers have to click if they want to comment on your post. However for first time viewers this is not very intuitive so I thought of a way to change it to 'MAKE A COMMENT'.......

To do this go to Template----->Edit Html and first backup your template.

Then put a check in Expand Widgets Template check box and scroll down in Edit Template text box till you come to the Blog Posts widget. Here locate this piece of code

<span class='post-comment-link'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>
<a class='comment-link' expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><b:if cond='data:post.numComments == 1'>1 <data:top.commentLabel/><b:else/><data:post.numComments/> <data:top.commentLabelPlural/></b:if></a>

and change it to :

<span class='post-comment-link'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>
<a class='comment-link' expr:href='data:post.addCommentUrl' expr:onclick='data:post.addCommentOnclick'><b:if cond='data:post.numComments == 1'>1 <data:top.commentLabel/><b:else/><data:post.numComments/> COMMENT ON THIS POST</b:if></a>

Save Template. Refresh Cache. View blog.

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Anonymous said...

Aha! I figured this out once and could NOT repeat it. Thank you!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Thank you! I changed the comment link and then got brave and changed the comments left link by finding the same code to replace. Now to do my other blogs. said...

thanks for all


yoxx said...

thank you...

Anonymous said...

I cannot find that piece of code in my blog

Vin said...


Which of your blogs is this? Provide the blog address.

tasha said...

This is very helpful stuff. I did this code as you said (at least i think I did), and I'm having a slight problem. I changed the word "comments" to "well-wishers." It worked, sort of: On some posts, it read x# well-wishers; on others, it still read x# comments. Any idea why it might be doing this? Thanks in advance!

Vin said...


Is it appearing like "x:comments" on the Main Page and like "x:wellwishers" on ALL the individual post pages?

tasha said...

Nope, it shows up on the mian page...some posts have "comments, "some posts have "well-wishers." I'll leave the URL this time so you can check it out.

Vin said...


So where is the URL? :-)

N. L. Armitage said...

Just wanna say that your page is so awesome and has helped me a lot. I had been wanting to know how to change the comment phrase since I first saw someone else's; I changed mine to "thoughts added" (^_^)

N. L. Armitage said...

Just wanna say that this page is awesome and has helped me a lot. I had been wanting to change my comments ever since I saw someone else's; I changed mine to "thoughts added" (^_^) Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Vin! This worked perfectly. Weird thing is that I had changed the comment text when I first joined, and I didn't have to go into the template html code to do it. Then when I went to change it again recently, I couldn't find any easy way to do it in any of the mod tabs. So you're a lifesaver! BTW, I found you with the help of a search that led me to a post by "panther" in the Blogger Help group on Google Groups. Panther had helped another
poster with the same problem by linking to your page. Just thought you'd like to know. Anyway, DA BODAYA ROK!
eBook eDen

Anonymous said...

Mine is doing the "snaps recieved" on some and comments on others. Seems when a new person leaves a comment it changes to comments and not snaps....

heres the url

Is there something else I need to change? Thanks for all the great tips by the way!

Vin said...


Check if 'comments' is seen only on Main Page and the other is seen only on individual post pages.

kakashihatake2 said...

Thanks For This Pal

But I Got Some Big Problem.
Actually The Comments Are Always Hidden In My Blog

They Show Up Only if Someone Writes A Comment.

And I Want It To Be Seen By Everyone Even If Someone Has Not Left A Comment.

So Can u Give Me Some HTML Thing That Can Solve This

This Is My Blog

Vin said...

dbz lover,

Can you send me the template so I can check it out? The email addresss is in the middle column.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vin!
Somehow, the "comments" link on the main page doesnt show up anymore (under each post). It only does on post pages. How can I bring it back on the main page?
Also, on the post pages how to get rid of the "home" link?
Thanks again!

Vin said...


Check all comment settings again.

Do you want to get rid of only the Home link or all the three navigation links?

Anonymous said...

comments settings are OK (Show option is selected). I probably deleted a part of the code that should have stayed (I played around to have embedded comments these last days) and that's what I'm trying to find (the code to have the '5 comments' link under each post on the main page).
For the post page, I'd like to get rid of all 3 navigation links but I want to keep the older/previous post links on the main page.

Vin said...


It is a big block of code. Email me and I will send it to you. The address is in middle column.

Delete this code :

<b:include name='nextprev'/>

Dano and Reed said...


What a great service you are providing! I have two problems, both related to comments:

1. I did the HTML edits for "adding a comment link" but it didn't work properly, even though I did everything in the order you listed, including clearing cache. I get a different link beneath the topmost post, and those beneath it (all on same page). Also, the link that appears to have been affected by the code change says "8 comment on this post" instead of saying seperately "8 comments" followed by COMMENT ON THIS POST.

2. I'm having the same trouble as others with not being able to show comments beneath my posts the settings are correct for showing comments everywhere I've been told to look for such settings. Problem sounds the same as dbzlover who asked the question on 6/21/08, but I never saw a response comment from you after you asked for his URL. I am afraid to leave my URL here because you have told us not to in your comment instructions.

Hope you can shed some light on both these issues!

Thanks, Dano

Vin said...

Dano and Reed,

See how to make comments link more user friendly.

I can see the comments below your post on post pages. Just click on a post title having comments.

G S V VIKRAM said...

--Comments link is missing --
the piece of code which you have posted is not there in my template. please help..

i'm mailing you with the code.. please check out..
gsvfilms blogspot

Vin said...


Did you check the code after expanding the widgets template?

Anonymous said...

I cannot find this quotes in my template. Mine is a classic template. I have turn on my comments to show and comment moderation. please advise

Vin said...


What do you wish to do exactly?

Sandy McKee said...

I followed the instructions, but there is no change. I either want to make the "Add a Comment" text larger so people can see it; or, allow 3 to 5comments to be seen on the main page. I archive posts each day, so it shouldn't get too cluttered.

I'm using the Minima template. My blog is at:

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Vin said...

Sandy McKee,

After saving template changes did you clear the cache?

Comments are seen on Post Pages only if you have enabled ALL their settings.

pmma2003 said...

hi I have been visiting your site for quite a while already and it really helped me a lot..however,I have a question .. is it possible to create an element in my sidebar that would somehow allow my visitors to submit some files (images,documents)in my blog..

Vin said...


Firstly it is not possible for anyone else to upload files to your blog.

You can put in an email address with a message asking viewers to send their files to you.

Then you can upload those files to your blog.

Janine said...

I can not find this code in my blog.
Also, is there a way to add content to the tabs I have in my template?
Thanks for your help.

Vin said...


If you do not have a comment link on your blog first enable all comment settings.

Then backup your widgets.

Lastly click on 'Revert widget templates to default' link at the bottom of the Template code box.

To add content to the tabs the first thing to do is to create the content. That is done by creating and publishing posts.

Then get the permalinks of the posts and put them in the template code.

Anonymous said...

hi Vin,
Im in trouble in my post a comment area. It seems when i try to pick it , it doesn't show anything like this (comment space) in your site. I remember the last time i made changes was when I inserted the related posts widget. Now I cannot remember what I have done. Can you help me reactivate this post comment gadget. (can it be similar like this space where i'm typing this now?)Thanks a lot.

Vin said...


First enable all comment settings.

Then backup widgets.

Then click on 'Revert widget templates to default' link at the bottom of the Template code box.

Anonymous said...

Hello I m just Checking that how comment is added on aweb page .Ok Thanks

starry said...

Hi Vin,

wow your blog is really informative. Didn't realise that there are so many ways to upload my blog onto the search engine.

But i have some major problems really in need of help. I'm currently using the classic templates in blogspot. But i am unable to add the comment links under each of my post. I tried to add some comment codes in my html templates but in the end only have the "comments" words but still unable to type or write any comments.

In there any way to shift my label links in my post to the bottom of the comments links after each post? Because currently my labels are hanging below what i have type in my post...

In need of urgent blog is

Thank you

Vin said...


Upgrade to Layout templates.

LV said...

Upgrade to Layout templates.

Joseph Moore said...

Really, very informative, simple and understandable post.

mikean said...

Thanks guys for this useful codes it ll work for me.thanks

Superware said...

i can't post this link in

Jocuri cu camioane said...

How can I bring it back on the main page ?

Megadyne said...

That works a million times better than the default. Thanks!

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Johncenancss said...

Its really a very good stuff. It really helped me a lot

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anay said...

You really make it seem so simple with your presentation but I find that topic to be really something that I think I would under no circumstances understand. It seems too complicated and also really broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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