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Default Metatag on Blogger.

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There is a Metatag scare going around that Google is removing sites from its index because the default metatag in the template is inserting a no-follow robots directive even when the blog setting is set to be included in the listings........

A little background may be in order here. In your template between the <head> and the <title> tags is what is called the metatags section. These tags are inserted in the page by a single metatag. This metatag in the classic template was :


While in the new layouts template it is :

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

When settings------>Basic----->Add your Blog to our listings?---->is set to Yes and saved it means that you want your blog to be indexed by Google. Then it should NOT add the following code to your page when it is viewed :

<meta content='NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW' name='robots'/>

However it was reported that this code is being added even when the above setting is set to Yes. This was reported on a old Blogger template. See the Related Article link below this post.

To investigate this I set the Setting to Yes on a test blog and looked at the Page Source after viewing the blog. I did not get any NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW robots code at all! This may be because I was testing it on a New Blogger layouts template. For more information on Robots tag see How to Submit site to Google.


However for a better control over your metatag it is recommended to delete this tag and add your keywords, description metatags as described in How to Submit Site to Search Engines. . Also add your RSS autodiscovery tags instead of this tag as described in Feedburner and Blog Feeds.

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Brenda Campbell said...

Since I do not understand alot of this technical stuff... should you have meta tags in your html? I just converted my blog to a new template and added a 3rd column (thanks by the way, I followed your directions and got my 3rd column) but now the meta tags I had on my other template do not work on this template, I keep getting the error of unclosed tags, etc. I printed the meta tags before I changed my template and typed them in letter by letter so they were exactly the same and this template won't take it. what do i do? Thanks Vin!

Vin said...

Brenda Campbell,

What was the exact error message?


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