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Flash files can be embedded in your template or posts. Though it can slow down the loading of your blog.........

you can use small flash files for your header as well as for navigation links within your blog. To do this first upload your flash file to a free host like Googlepages. If for some reason you cannot get an account at Googlepages you can create your own Google Group. This will give you 100 MB free space for your files. See Google Groups Tips and Tricks for Bloggers.

After uploading your flash file copy down its URL or link. Then use the following code :

<object width="150" height="340">
<param value="MYFLASH.swf" name="movie"/>
<embed width="150" src="URL OF MYFLASH.swf" height="340">

Change the width and height as per the dimensions of your file. Instead of 'MYFLASH.swf' and 'URL OF MYFLASH.swf' put the relevant details of your flash file and paste the code in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. See how to add widgets to blog. For example I have a flash navigation widget at the end of the right column of this blog. See it here also (below) :

Click on the various links to open them in a new page.


To add a Flash header to your blog first add a Page Element to your header as described in How to add a picture to a Beta Blog Header. Then click on Add Page Element and choose Html\Javascript option and paste the above Flash code in the contents section and save. First upload your Flash header file to a freehost like Googlepages or Google Groups and then modify the code given above and use it. See this header below (Click on image to enlarge it)

See it live here.

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Bras the Monk said...

I get stuck at the part of uploading the swv file in google. It uploads the file but dont know how to get the http addres as Firefox cant open the flash file;

it says you need aprogram to open it....

how do I get html code of my swf file upload??

vin said...

bras the jag,
Go to your freehost account where you have uploaded the file and right click the file and choose Copy Link Location.

Anonymous said...



vin said...

new boy,

Go to Template--->Edit Html and scroll down in Template code box to find the widget id of the Page Element which contains your Flash code. It will lok something like this :

<b:widget id='HTML30' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>

In above case it is 'HTML30'. Then in CSS part of the template add this code :

#HTML30 {margin:20px;}

You will have to customize the above code according to which border you wish to adjust.

Anonymous said...

uploading my swf via google page creator works!
BUT: I used powerbullet to create the swf... and the gif or jpg has really bad solution...in the powerbullet preview everything looks great...but online the swf is shown in greater solution so the picture gets disturbed?
Who can help??THX!

Anonymous said...

Hey, does swfUP count? I uploaded mine there. Now when I came to view my blog, it said I needed to download a plugin. So I clicked on it and it could not find any suitable plugins. What's happening?

Anonymous said...

I used swfUP for this. When i test the blog though, it says that I need to download a plugin - that apparently doesn't exist. What's happening?

Vin said...


Macromedia plugin is required by browsers to play Flash content. Just download and install it and restart browser.

Kidsclick said...

hai vin,

im dolynn and im new at blogging..
i got a code in picasaweb for my slideshow photos.

however i do not know how and where to add the code..i've tried several times but fail.

i've read your instructions but i still dont know how too. (sorry)

thanks in advance

Vin said...


Paste the code in a Html Page element. See How to add widgets to your blog.

Nailson said...

I have created a flash menu and used your code above, inserting it on the < body > < /body > part of my CSS.

Is there anyway to make the menu drop over my blog's head picture, because it only shows the height I determined. It's a drop down menu, and header of my blog covers the options that drop from it.

Thanks for your help, sorry about my english.
My blog is narutoshippuuden2009, it's blogspot.

Vin said...


Try increasing the height number in the code.

Jac said...

Is it possible to add a mouseover which is in flash into blog?

Vin said...


Any Flash file will work if you follow above method.

Jac said...

Sorry to bug you again. If I added the embed html tags, where should I place it at? I want the whole blog to have the mouseclick effect (flash).

Vin said...


What is this mouseclick effect you want?

Can you give the link of a site which has it?

Jac said...

I do not have any link. The effect is a dandelion will appear if one clicks his/her mouse. The effect is in flash.

Vin said...


Do you have the Flash file?

Jac said...

yeah. I uploaded it in http://bambinastyle.mail.googlepages.com/seed_mouse.swf

Vin said...


Use this code in a Html page element :

<param value="LINK_OF_FLASH_FILE" name="movie"/>
<embed src="LINK_OF_FLASH_FILE" >

Replace the CAPS with the link of your file.

You can see it in a demo test post here. Just click on the white square within the post after it finishes loading.

Jac said...

Sorry to bug you again but is it possible that the flash applies to the whole website which means wherever I click in blog I will see the effect. If it is possible, where should I place the code?

Vin said...


If you use Flash the effect is limited within the borders of the Flash file. For the whole website you may use Javascript.

Though it may not work with a Layout template. You may have to Revert to Classic Template to use Javascript as most are not XHTML compatible.

PhillyChief said...

Somehow teh flash banner I created for this blog isn't working in IE but is working in all other browsers. Any idea why? Is there something special I have to do for IE? I hear it is more finicky about code.


Vin said...


Which version of IE are you using?

PhillyChief said...

I'm using OSX, so I can't check myself but a friend is using version 7.0.5730.13

Vin said...


Ask him to install the Macromedia plugins for IE.

PhillyChief said...

He can view flash just fine, just not there, which is why I asked if there was something special I had to do with the code for blogger.

Anonymous said...


IE prevents scripts or Active X controls from running due to security reasons. Also see this support page.

PhillyChief said...

Sorry, I don't think I'm making myself clear. It's ONLY HERE where IE is not displaying the Flash. For instance, there's no problem with playing Flash in general as in the direct link to the Flash animation or this page which has the file embedded with the same html used in the header on the blog, but for some reason it won't play it on the blog. So I'm wondering if perhaps there's something in the CSS that perhaps is upsetting IE. Any thoughts?

Vin said...


Perhaps the Flash file is too big. Try increasing memory cache in browser settings.

Also check up Flash forums on how to optimize Flash files for IE7.

PhillyChief said...

I'll check the memory cache thing. Thanks.

Izwan & Ajlaa said...

thanks for the trick..very helpful and easy....

Washproof said...

Hey there folks, I have just read this guide and managed to get some swf files hosted on a freewebs (www.freewebs.com/washproof-design)site, I followed the steps and used the code to post on my blog (http://washproofstudios.blogspot.com)I added in the dimentions i wanted, the file name and its url:

width="750" height="500"
washproof_logo.swf http://www.freewebs.com/washproof-design/washproof_logo.swf"

All im getting is big white box's :( pls take a look and let me know what i did wrong, thanks a million guys!

Vin said...


I can see your logo in Firefox2. Does your browser have the Macromedia plugin for playing Flash files?

PhillyChief said...

I'm convinced now it's a failing of IE. In my experience, my flash header is seen by every browser except IE.

If you can see the flash here in IE but not in your header, it's some problem IE is having with Blogger, and my guess is somewhere in the css.

Washproof said...

hey Vin, thanks for the swift reply!

yeah I have all the adobe flash player installed and can view all flash eliments on the web, its just when i come to view this blog that it does not want to work, I have tried using IE & FireFox...

Washproof said...

its not the logo at the top of the page, but the animated logo in this post,


and also an animation in this post,


im using these versions:

IE 7.05730.11

Vin said...


Here is a screenshot of he working Flashfile in IE7 :


NightShadow said...

I would like to know how to get rid of the 'Title' of the page element.

If you notice on this page http://nightshadow02.blogspot.com/

I have 'Fancy Flash Banner' text on top of the flash. Because I cannot leave the 'Title' of the page element html/javascript blank.

Any help?

Vin said...


Use Firefox browser. I can leave Title blank of Html page elements.

Anonymous said...

vin, I AM using firefox. Firefox 3 to be exact. But if I leave it blank, it will automatically put 'Html/Javascript' as the title of the page element. Any other help is appreciated

- NightShadow

NightShadow said...

I spoke too soon. It works great now. Thanks Vin!

Jaym said...

I'm at wit's end... I've been trying to get Flash headers up for the 4 interconnected blogs I'm setting up, and while they are working as is on my own personal computer, they are not working for at least several other people, including a computer upstairs in the house! All these systems are getting is the blank background color.

I just tried moving the hosting of the flash files off of google groups to a free service that allows hotlinking and that didn't work either.

Any clue what is causing this to work fine on my system, but not on other systems? (On the upstairs computer, in IE, I tried installing the latest Flash player and it still doesn't work.)

My main site is at effect37.blogspot.com (that one and "reflections" are the only ones to this point I've managed to get working on MY computer.)

I also couldn't get navigation to work in the Flash movie- I had buttons to load the different blogs, but it refused to recognize the action, so I had to add text links on the page. At the moment, I've taken out the flash buttons as I assume Blogger blocks this from being allowed. True? Or can you have the flash load urls and if you can why wouldn't it work for me?

(I hate! web development- it's so inconsistent. =P)

Vin said...


Loading Flash depends on many factors like the size of the Flash file, where it is hosted, Whether the browser has the Flash Add on, size of Internet pipe - dial up or broadband, browser cache, copmputer memory, virtual disk space etc.

Hence it may load on one machine but not another. You have to check the differences between the two to see why.

PhillyChief said...

Try different browsers on each machine. IE seems to be the problem in my experience.

Gina said...

wow, I have tried everything in my tests but I just cannot get this to work with my swf file. Flashplayer installation isn't an issue because I can view all other flash movies & swfs. The swf file uses xml as well. I can still view the swf file on my computer with flash player and in the web browsers like this test: http://www.pixoflife.com/blog/accordian_menu/deploy/preview.swf

In my blogger test template, it just shows a blank white box where the file should play: http://pol-sep08-test.blogspot.com/

If anyone can assist I would greatly appreciate it.

Vin said...


The size of the outer-wrapper is in %age while that of header-wrapper is in pixels. Make it uniform in pixels and more than the width of the flash file.

Gina said...

Vin, thank you so much for taking the time to look at this and your advice. I did try your suggestions, but seems that did not affect anything. I think it has to do with my swf file using xml for the images. I tested it with some other simpler swfs and those all worked (there is a test slideshow in there now working.)

I will get in touch with the person who created the flash file I am trying to load. Once I figure that out, at least I know how to place it in the blogger header thanks to your guide.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I tried to follow your step by step tutorial but since my layout is so complicated, I was not able to install my flash header on the first several attempts. BUT THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. Your tutorial did lead me towards the right direction with regards to embedding the flash header. I will definitely refer people to your website!!

Unknown said...


Thanks for the code! I followed your directions and i uploaded my flash to google groups and it works, it seems for a day or something, then it appears as a blank white box. i noticed that the url to my swf files uploaded in google groups changes and that to fix the blank white box problem i would have to update the links constantly. any way to overcome this? thanks.


Vin said...

The Aganju Group,

That is because Google is phasing out Googlepages and integrating them with Google Sites.

Google for other free hosting sites to upload the file.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vin!

Anonymous said...


i followed every step of yours, all the codes, everything... but when i view my blog, i get a 'movie not loaded' any ideas??

Vin said...


What is your blog address?

Anonymous said...

vin, it's ok, i got it working... THANK YOU!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, um, do u know any more free web hosting website?? cuz i cant find... thank you... :)

Vin said...


Try :


Luks Farris said...

vin, i could get the header there, but it was a missplaced. it wass't like, centered.

i know i have to change the html to get it right, but i can't find the right thing to change..
could you help me ?

Luks Farris said...


i just added a flash header, but it is at a weird position, could you please help me ?
thank you

Vin said...

Luks Farris,

Use some other host for your flash files as Google Pages is closing down. Also remove the code for the animated cursor from the gadget.

Captain Tightpants said...

My flash file works 100% perfect in all browsers here: http://www.candidkama.com/BLOG%20HEADER%20TEST.htm

but the same exact code, when added to blogger, only is working in IE 7 and below. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are not working. (the links don't work)

See it here:

I cannot figure it out and its driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated!

(I know, I know... you've already 'tried to help me Vin... thanks!... still haven't fixed it though) ;)

Vin said...

Captain Tightpants,

I can see it in Firefox. Try clearing the cache.

Captain Tightpants said...

Vin -

Yes... you can 'see' it everywhere - but the links are only working in IE. Is there code inside of blogger that is interfering with the actionscript in Flash?

Just doesn't make sense to me that the links work outside of blogger, but not inside of it...

I'm willing to offer up some $ if you could help me bug-test it!!!


Ktt.Edu Tuition Center said...

dear Vin,
Can I post a flash swf ? How to make it ?
Thanks for helping

Vin said...

Ktt.Edu Tuition Center,

To make a Flash you need special software. Try Googling for it.

How to post it is already described in above post.

Robin Lyndsay Hill said...

Good Morning Vin!

Thanks for the info, however I'm having problems with the functionality of the uploaded Flash movie.

The file was created with ActionScript 2, and works/looks fine except for the all important "getURL" function on the buttons; which work fine in all environments, except for blogger. Any Suggestions?

http://omnicloth.co.uk/blog/omblogMany Thanks

Vin said...

Robin Lyndsay Hill,

I am getting this error for your site :

Address Not Found
Firefox can't find the server at omnicloth.co.uk.

Is it the correct address?

Anonymous said...


Thank you so very much for this advice. But I have one little problem. I have added the code you gave and have changed src="URL OF MYFLASH.swf to my flash location (on google group).

But what do I add if I want visitors to click on the flash image and be taken to another url location? I originally made the flash using FlashVortex.com but wanted to host the flash myself. Within the FlashVortex flash banner maker I did add a link url, but now that it has been linked from Google Group I have lost that link and need to insert a new one.

Please help :)

Vin said...

Ro Lean,

Try enclosing the Flash code within link tags like this :


Replace the CAPS.

Thami Masemola said...

My flash file has been posted perferctly. Almost perfectly. Thank you for your help! You are amazing, it was so easy. The only problem is that it does not fall in line with the rest of the blog, that is, it falls slightly out of the vertical line of all other posts. Please help. It is here http://in4ride.blogspot.com/2009/06/seven-chrysler-plants-re-open-for.html

Vin said...

Thami Masemola,

Where is it exactly on that page? I don't see it!

Thami Masemola said...

Sorry Vin. It's here.

Thami Masemola said...

Here's another one. This one is worse because it does not even point to the URL where it is supposed to.

Chris.H said...

Hey Vin. First of all thank you for all the help, you're the best i know on this subject.

The code you gave us was perfect, i couldnt find it anywhere else.

But the problem is...i can't find any good "flash hosting" website. I mean there are many of these out there giving the Direct link of the flash...but when i put that link in the code (that u gave us) it shows me the whole damn page of the hosting site, not just my flash.

So, could you please help me out here?

Thank you

Vin said...


You have to be careful about the URL of your flash file. Look for the URL ending with MYFLASHFILE.SWF

William said...

Thanks for the info Vin!

*geeze i'm so far behind in the blogging world*

modified cars said...

excellent, simple but superb... thanks for the share.

alan said...

succesfully added flash to one of my cartoon blogs,


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