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Free 3D Text or Banner for Blogs.

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Make your own 3D Text or Banner for your blog..........

A 3D text or Banner as a header for your site will go a long way to keeping your site/blog in the viewer's memory. The title presented as a cinemascope headline is much more effective then a plain text heading. See my heading above.

The first step is to create the image. For this see the bottom of the right column of this blog where I have a Free 3D Text or Banner maker. Type your Blog Title in the box where it says Xara 3D choose your font and title size and click Preview Button. A small window opens with your 3-D Title made. Change the size and colors if you want. You can also choose from among the already made styles by clicking the Choose Style button. When you are satisfied click on the image to download it to your PC. Here are some images Igenerated :

Upload this image to any freehost like Googlepages. Google Groups also offers 100 MB free hosting if you create your own Group. You can also upload to Imageshack from the widget below my Label Cloud inthe right column of this blog. After uploading it copy down the link location of the image (URL OF UPLOADED IMAGE).

Go to Template------>Edit Html and first backup your Template.

Then scroll down to the header code in the body of your template :

<div id="header-wrapper">
<b:section class="header" id="header" maxwidgets="1" showaddelement="no">
<b:widget id="Header1" locked="true" title="The Widgets of Beta Blogger. (Header)" type="Header">

In the above code change maxwidgets="1" to maxwidgets="3"
Also change showaddelement="no" to showaddelement="yes" and change locked="true" to locked="false" in the Header widget. This last will enable you to remove the original Title and Description widget.
Save Template

Now click Page Elements tab. The Add and arrange Page Elements page opens.
Here you can now see that header section has a Add Element link. Click it to open the choices page. Choose the Html/Javascript option and paste the following code in it under contents :

<a href="BLOG URL/LINK"><img src="URL OF UPLOADED IMAGE" alt="BLOG TITLE"></a>

Save Changes. Click on Edit Link in original Blog Title and Description widget. In popup window click Remove. View Blog. The image header also serves as a link to your blog home page to make it search engine friendly.

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Mr. President said...

Is there a way to change the background color of the header section in blogger?

vin said...

TV Genie,

Use the same method as here :

Add the code to the #header wrapper


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