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Google Calendar for Bloggers.

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Google Calendar is used to keep track of all your life's important events in one place. You can add events and send invitations effortlessly, share your schedule with friends and family, and search for events you might enjoy. You can now embed your calendar in your blog and share your organized schedule.......

Firstly you have to sign in. If you already have a Google Account, just visit the Google Calendar homepage, enter your username and password, and click "Sign in. There are no costs. It is free.

You can create your own calendar to put on your blog OR you can search for public calendars which you can then put in your blog. To search for (and add) a public calendar, just follow these steps:

1. Under "Calendars" in the left column, click on the "+" button next to "Other Calendars."
2. Verify that the "Search Public Calendars" tab is selected.
3. Enter specific, descriptive keywords in the search box, then click on "Search." If you're looking for the calendar of a group in a specific location, make sure to include the name of a city.
4. Once you've found the calendar, click on "Add." The calendar will then appear under "Other Calendars" in on the left side of the page.

You can also locate public calendars by entering a keyword, URL, or email address into the search box at the bottom of the "Calendars" list on the left side of the page.

Finally, if you know the address of a calendar you'd like to add in iCal or XML format, you can type it into the field provided on the "Public Calendar Address" tab, and click on "Add."

To import other calendars into your own first export data from the other calendar.
To export Google Calendar content, just follow these steps:

1. Under "Calendars" in the left column, click on the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, then select "Calendar settings." (Alternatively, click on "Manage Calendars" under "Calendars" in the left column, then click on the name of the appropriate calendar.)
2. Click on the "ICAL" button under "Private Address" and click on the displayed URL.
3. Save the exported file to the desired folder on your computer.

Then go to your calendar. Click the down arrow next to it in the sidebar and select Show only this calendar. Then click on Settings at the very top of the page in line with your email address. Click on Import Settings under Calendar Settings.

Search for calendars carrying data you desire e.g. U.S. Holidays. Then export data from that calendar to a file on your PC and import that file into your calendar.
Click on Browse and select the file you had saved after exporting from the other calendar.
Choose the calendar in which you wish to import the data and click Import button.


You can embed your calendar on your website by using your calendar’s address in HTML format with the “configuration tool.” Just follow these steps:

1. Under "Calendars" in the left column, click on the down-arrow next to the appropriate calendar.
2. Select "Calendar settings." (Alternatively, click on "Manage Calendars" under "Calendars" in the left column, then click on the name of the appropriate calendar.)
3. In the “Calendar Address” section, click on the “HTML” icon. A pop-up window with your calendar's private URL will appear.
4. Click on the “configuration tool” link in the popup.
5. Carefully follow the instructions on the configuration tool page.
6. Customize the width and height to fit in your sidebar.
7. After customizing click the Update Url button after previewing the calendar at the bottom.
8. Copy the code and paste it in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar.
9. Save Template. Refresh Cache and View Blog.

Please note that you can change the amount of information available on your calendar's address by clicking on the "Change sharing settings" link in the "Calendar Address" section.

Any changes you make in your calendar are immediately reflected in the calendar in your blog.

Take a look at the bottom of the right column in my blog where I have embedded a Google Calendar.

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Donna said...

Thanks!! I've just used your advice to create a calendar for my blog :D

Geminipen said...

Wonderful directions! But is there any way to downsize the font so that it fits more neatly (and looks better) in my sidebar? I really don't want to have to post the calendar at the bottom.

vin said...


When you are customizing the calendar choose the Agenda option (after clicking Settings---->Calendar Address---->Html---->Configuration Tool)

Peter said...

Thanks for the directions. I had already loaded the calendar into the blog but it wont display any content. I get a message across the top saying that I am not authorised to view the calendar and yet I have full management rights to the calendar and authoring admin rights to the blog. Other members of the blog team are getting the same message. I have obviously stuffed up somewhere but I have made sure all the permission settings in both areas are OK and copied the code over several times but with no luck. Hope you can help.


Vin said...

Compass Lifeskills,

What is the address (URL) of the calendar?

Debbie Symanovich said...

Is there any other calendar format that can be used? I don't like the Google calendar because I'd like something that displays all the information in the calendar boxes and doesn't require someone to click on the calendar itself.

Vin said...

Debbie Symanovich,

Customizing your Google Calendar will also do same thing.

Try searching for Calendar Google Gadgets after login at See New widgets from Blogger in Draft.

Marie said...

You rock!

Star said...

First off, a sincere "Thank you" for your marvelous advice, which has been very helpful for the calendar and other things. I followed your helpful instructions to embed my restricted viewing calendar into my restricted viewing blog, and--when signed into the restricted viewing blog as owner--the calendar comes up just fine. However, when I sign into the restricted viewing blog as a viewer--whether using my owner ID/PW, or my test alter ego ID/PW, the "you don't have permission to view this calendar" problem comes up for me, too. Any way around this problem? I'm really looking forward to your advice, because I'm preparing all this material for my students, and the academic year will start up, again, soon. All is restricted so they can feel free to express themselves without the fear of making mistakes in front of the whole universe, but if you need to view it in order to understand what is happening, just let me know, and I'll send you an invitation. Thanks. P.S., would it be possible for you to create a "PRINT" feature that allows us to print the instructions and comments of the left hand column without all the material in the center and right hand columns? (would save paper and ink!, thanks!)

Melissa said...

Thank you so much! I have tried several gadgets, HTML and changes today that I was starting to think it wasn't possible. It's working great now! Thank you!!!

Sanjay said...

HI, I tried using your steps but am not getting through. I am missing something specially after the configuration step. I am not sure how to go in my blog and post the calendar? Please advice.

Vin said...


What is the blog address?

Sanjay said...

HI Vin, it is

Vin said...


What is the link of your Google Calendar? Have you made it public in settings?

Sanjay said...

Hi Vin,

I do not think it is public. Here is the path



Vin said...


In calendar settings change it to public and save.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a calendar, but the events do not show up. (I have events on Dec 17, 20, and 27, to start.) I would also like the have the calendar in Agenda form, instead of the regular calendar form. No matter what I enter as the URL, it comes in as the calendar form. (I did do the Config Tool, and set it to Agenda, and it still didn't do it.)

Vin said...


After making any changes and saving them you have to clear cache to see them.

Use Firefox browser latest version.

Tricia Lynn said...

I couldn't get the google calendar gaget to work, so I used the simple html gaget and just pasted the url in there... worked great!

Ryan said...


Thank you so much for this. I have an Agenda embedded now. Unfortunately, when I add new events to my calendar, they don't seem to be showing up on the blog, even after emptying my cache and refreshing the page. Am I missing something?

Vin said...


Try creating and pasting code again. Does it show new events?

Ryan said...

Duh, I had events listed on the wrong calendar without realizing it. It's working fine now. Thanks again!

Michelle said...

Realize this is an older thread, but I'm having a heck of a time with this. The "new" blog format doesn't have a gadget for this, and I've tried to slide it into the html/css section, but it doesn't go where I expect it to. Formatting is terrible. Guess I'm just not good enough at css - how can I place it so it's at the bottom of my main section?


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