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Yahoo Site Authentication Metatag.

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Site Authentication using META tags is a new feature introduced by Yahoo. Prior to this Yahoo asked you to upload a file to your blog. Since you can only upload image files to Blogger this feature was not of much use.....

to bloggers. Google already had a metatag feature to verify your site. See How to submit site to Google.. You will now be able to authenticate your site in Yahoo Site Explorer by including an authentication key as part of a META tag on the home page of your site.

To use this go to Yahoo Site Explorer login to Yahoo and submit your site/blog there as described in How to submit site to Other Search Engines. Then click on Green button Authenticate after site name. You will be given a one line code copy that and login to Blogger Dashboard. Go to Templates------>Edit Html and add the code immediately after the <title> tags. Save Template. Then go back to Yahoo Site Explorer site and click on Ready to Authenticate button. Your site should be authenticated in one or two days.


You can also add a Yahoo Badge to your site which retrieves the count of live links from the whole web. Go ahead, watch as your site becomes more popular, and show off your link wealth to your visitors. For this go to Yahoo Site Explorer site and click on Badge at the top of your sites list table. This adds a live badge to your blog or website that queries Site Explorer for the number of links to your site or page on the web. Select the type of link counts you want, the size and look of the badge and then cut and paste the code to your web site.

Choose how you would like to obtain inlink counts to your web site?

Track the number of links to the Page on which the badge is placed
Track the number of links to the Site on which the badge is placed

Then select the size of badge you would like to place on your web site. Choose one of the badge sizes available and copy the code provided. Login to Dashboard and click on Layouts which leads to Page Elements subtab under Template tab. Click on Add Page Element in sidebarand choose theHtml/Javascript option. Paste the Yahoo badge code in contents and Save. Refresh Cache and view blog. See the badges below :

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Anonymous said...

"Then click on Green button Authenticate after site name."-this doesn't work.


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