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8 Tips To Prevent Spam Blog Status.

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Has your blog been listed as a Spam Blog? Is your access to blog been blocked because your blog was identified as a spam blog? Have the Blogger spam robots tagged your blog as a spammer? Here are some ways to prevent being labeled as a spammer.......


Do not post lots of posts in a short time spam. Also do not post at exact time intervals like say every 2 hours and 4 minutes.. This leads the spam bots to believe that a software is generating the posts.


Do not copy and paste posts or duplicate blogs. If you are guilty of copying do not also compound this guilt by not modifying the content for your audience. You can copy a blockbuster frame for frame but you will not be able to replicate its success unless you adopt it for your audience. Case in point : Martin Scorsese's The Departed.

Your blogs should have content. They should not be made of pages filled with links and advertisements. Frequently one sees blogs with posts full of links pointing elsewhere and surrounded by Adsense Ads. on all four sides. This is a red flag for the spam bots.


Your Blog feed and your Blog content should be the same. Not an issue with Blogger but if you have an independent site do not publish feeds with different content.


Spammers employ software which crawls thousands of sites and extracts random text, links and advertisements which they put in their splogs (spam blogs). Thus, when a user visits the splog the text at first might read as sensible, but almost immediately it will sound like nonsense. The unsuspecting user might click on an ad and make the spam blogger money.

Do not use words or N-grams which appear frequently in spam blogs. Text on page is converted into tokens of character size “n” using a window of adjacent characters and used as features. For instance, the word “comment” in English would lead to the 4-grams (comm, omme, mme, ment)and a synonym “koment” in a different language would lead to the 4-grams (kome, omen, ment) providing improved results across languages.
This is characteristic of the content which appears on spam blogs. Don't load pages with irrelevant words. Do not put large amount of keyword rich tiny text (FONT SIZE=”1” or relevant CSS tag) near the end of the page. Do not use "invisible text".


Do not make identical sized posts. Your posts all should be varied and with variable content. Identical sized posts are made by spam software.


Do not make Doorway pages for search engines or employ cloaking to fool them. Do not redirect visitors to other sites. See Blog Redirection. Do not hide links by making them the same color as the background.
Do not stuff keywords in metatags. See Keywords Tips and Tricks for Bloggers.


Do not have all links pointing to a single site. Do not have only links in your blog. The links and the content should match each other. Do not hide links using CSS techniques. Do not hide links using the same background color. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines : Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100). In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links. Search engines like links embedded in normal text hence put them within descriptive text.
Do not put in links with no link text, like this:

<A HREF="page.html"></A.>


Do not use so many advertisements that the content is hidden within or overshadowed by them. The location of the advertisements also matters! For instance do not put them in the Recent Posts section.

The appearance of Word Verification when you click the Publish button or below your Post Editor is the first indication that your blog has been identified as a spam blog.

If in spite of following all this if your blog is incorrectly identified as spam then contact Blogger help repeatedly, post your problem in Google Groups Blogger Help and contact your audience and fellow bloggers and ask them to email Blogger on your behalf to get your blog released. Then ask Google for re inclusion of your blog if it has been dropped fro the index.


Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Thanks for great tips on great ways to insure you develop a great blog, which in the end is the best defense against spam.

And, because I'm in the Z-list I came to see who you are. It's a great way to meet new people and check out what they do.

CKRosack Ltd said...


The Spam article was very helpful...I have psoted over 70 blogs and all of a sudden 5 are considered spam...After reading your article, I now realize why. I do have one question though...How long will they be locked? I will take your advice, and go to the help group, but I wonder how long this will take?
I find this so frustrating, but really appreciate your insight.
Thanks Loads!

Vin said...

Ckrosack Ltd,

You have to be persistent and only due diligence will pay off.

Fredj A Jad said...

is there any problem with "Meta refresh"? on one post called "Download"

meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=http://alturl.com/nhg/"

Redirect to http://alturl.com/nhg/ after 5 seconds


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