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Blog Directory Submissions.

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You have submitted your blog to the search engines. However, there is a school of thought which holds Blog Directories to be as important as Search Engines. These are collections of Blogs grouped according to subject. They are regularly crawled by the search engines. It pays to submit your blog URL to them...........

There are two types of submissions : paid and free. Depending on your budget you can choose either. There are also sites which offer to submit your blog to x number of directories for a certain fee. There are a large number of blog directories to choose from. You can choose the top directories depending on their Page Rank.

Before submitting blog prepare a file in Notepad with the following particulars :

1. Blog link/URL/address. Open your blog in browser and copy it from the address bar and paste in this file.

2. Blog Title. Copy the title of your blog from the title bar of the browser after opening blog in browser.

3. Blog Description. Describe your blog in around 255 characters.

4. Blog Keywords. If you have put your keywords metatag in your template copy from there. If not see How to submit blog to search engines to insert keywords metatag in template.

5. Your Blog feed URL. For the new blogger layouts the feed URLs are :

Substitute actual blog name in place of yourblogname

6. Your username and password.

7. The categories your blog is to be included in.

8. Blog Banner URL. Prepare a Blog banner of size 468 by 60 pixels by going to an online banner generator site like Then upload the banner to a freehost as described in How to Upload files to Blogger. Copy your banner URL from there.

Before submitting some sites ask you to include their link code in your blog. Copy that link code and paste it in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. Since there are many blog directories submit your blog to two or three every day so that the process does not become too tedious.

Here is a list of blog directories you can submit to :

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Reiki Ranch said...

Thank you for a wonderful list of submission sites.

You are awesome!
Taylore Vance
Laser Reiki Master

U BRING ME JOI said...

i love this site! thanks sooooo much!

Rishi said...

hey Vin ,
my problem is that i dont know how to save robots.txt to my site's top-level directory.
how do i do that ?
i am doin this since my blog is not getting crawled be google . since my robots has a disallowed / search .
i have edited mt robots.txt to

User-Agent: *
Allow: /

following it from the webmasters >>tools >>generate robots.txt
and i want to save it into my site's top-level directory.

Please help ..!!
my blog

Vin said...


In blogspot at present the robots.txt file cannot be edited and you cannot upload your own file. Also see :

Tips on Robots.txt.

rodolfo salvador said...

Hi Vin,

Its me again rod ,i still consider myself a newbie because of my new blog remember you help me on this I always visit your site and this topic is what i was looking for, submitting my blogsite to directories. Thanks for the information.

saikiransam said...

Wow! very nice article .im so curios about it. well it will be helpful for me to promote my blog.thank you


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