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Blog Review Batch A.

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I have decided to do the Blog Reviews in batches since there are so many on the waiting list that if I do one per post it will just swell my archives list. So here goes..........

The first blog today is that of Atle Grimsby from Utsira, Norway. The title is Utsira as Way of Life. The template is a simple one and the blog is about blogging life on the photogenic island named Utsira in Rogaland County in Norway. Mostly in English but some post are in Norwegian. Utsira as way of Life involves: Science, Crow-stuff, Birding and Birders at Utsira, Bill Gates Freestuff, My photos, litterature, buldering and kayaking as the main postings. The blog has been started recently in December 2006. I would suggest to claim the blog on Technorati as described in Technorati for Bloggers so that people are able to find the blog easily.

Miriguy is the blog of Chee Kui and here he shares his journey to become a problogger. He chose this name because he is from a city called Miri, in Sarawak. As he says "“My hidden conspiracies”, is just to add the mysterious flavour to this blog. Nothing freaky about it. As you can see, most of my blog post are either about my journal and money making ideas. So, if you are interested to find out about making money online, please do come here regularly." His blog is about the various opportunities offered by the Internet.

The Friendship Blog is is about keeping relationships and dealing with friendships through rain or shine with a special emphasis on friendship ecards and friendship greetings. Friendship blog also is a place to find friendship advice and resources. The header is replaced by a page from another website in a clever manner.

Investment Ideaz is the blog of Gurudatta Kamath about daily updates, news and information on investments from different sources and makes life easier by having lots of daily requirements in one place like Index Quotes, Currency Conversion Price, Gold Price etc. The design is simple and three column and the emphasis is on providing a lot of content. There are many charts on stock markets and commodity prices.

Xtraordinary Living At Its Best is the blog of Rick Itzkowich who is blogging about thoughts, insights, tools to help people expand their thinking and create an Extraordinary Life. It is a motivational blog and full of stuff to inspire you. It also contains many podcasts.

Web 2.0 Reviews is a site with posts starting from Jan 2006 with posts categorized in the following subjects : Internet, Computers, Technology, Programming, Blogging, Killer Apps, Davinci Game On Google, WebDesign and SiteBuilding, Gaming. There is a lot of information on blogging and web design and Games.

is the blog of award winning portrait artist, Kim Barker. It is an art blog featuring many of the artist's paintings. The template is simple two column with colors which do not distract from the displayed pictures.

Uncommon Notions
is the blog of Deborah Gamble who lives in Utah and blogs about the Uncommon Notions. The blog has a standard blogger template without any of the bells and whistles to distract the visitor from the content. The content is wholesome and family oriented and celebrates finding joy in everyday living..

Adventures in Daily Living
is the blog of :: Suzanne :: who blogs about children, books, techie oddments, pets, paraplegia, adoption, gardening and whatever else strikes her fancy. It has a beautiful three column template with the background framing the posts column. The author has taken a lot of pains by utilizing a expand/contract structure for the widgets in the sidebars to decrease it's length. This causes the blog to look less cluttered. The style is very informal and judging by the increasing number of posts every month there is no lack in commitment.

The Rose Bee
is the blog of Deborah Hooper who blogs about Christian Women's Devotional, Bible Study and Fellowship site for Christian Women Writers. Christian articles and encouragement. It has a simple two column design framed in a rose color shade. Religion is the focus of this blog and it has many articles on how to succeed in life.

Creativity in Asia
is the blog of Arul John who blogs about creativity at work related issues, with special emphasis to Asia. He has been a Facilitator for more than 20 years. Conducts workshops for clients in Asia and Middle East through Centre for Creative Thinking, a training service provider based in Singapore. An Australian graduate with a MBA. The blog is all about how to innovate and be more creative.

The Junky's Wife
is the blog of The Junky's Wife who blogs about the ongoing story of a wife's struggle with her husband's addiction. It has helpful links for recovering addicts and is about a wife's experiences with her husband's recovery from heroin addiction.

free happy surfing
is the blog of ramya who blogs about information with photos so that anyone coming in should be happy to have information along with related photos. Though started in this month only it already has a hundred posts. The template is a two column structure but because the archives section is so long it causes a very long sidebar. It would be better to select a flat/dropdown structure for the archives.



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