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Blog Review Inspiration Lane.

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Inspiration Lane is a fairly young blog but with an innovative concept. It is an online, free, teacher-made classroom magazine for ESOL students, like a "Weekly Reader" -- but in an updated, modern, online format......

The structure of the blog is simple with one of the standard Blogger templates. I like the way "Quote of the Day", "This Day in History" and "Article of the Day" are all placed at the top but they would have been better used as spacers between the various blog sections. The photographs are inspiring and invite interaction.

The author is a Florida certified teacher and the use of a popular icon like Elvis to motivate students to learn English is a great strategy. I wish her all the best and am sure of her commitment to this project. She has turned the blog into an instructional resource and omitted her profile towards this end.


Anonymous said...


Thanks! I appreciate your kind words here.

Susan Alyn aka "summer" on Inspiration Lane

summer said...

Hi Vin,

I thought you'd enjoy reading this news about my site:

EUROCALL Review Showcases American Teacher’s Unique ESOL Website

Also - thanks for your wonderful site here. I really enjoy reading it.

Susan Alyn aka "summer" on Inspiration Lane

dissertation help said...

What a great resource! Thank you! Anyone know if the list of sources are available as selectable text?It would really help speed up my research on this very topic if I didn’t have to re-type the link to each one! Just a thought…


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