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Blog Review John Chow Dot Com Blog.

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John Chow Dot Com blog is the famous blog by John Chow who calls his site The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul. You have to be a regular reader of this blog if you aim to make serious money on the Internet...........

The design is minimalist with a two column layout. There is absolutely no clutter and with only ten posts on the main page it loads fast. The five important sections can be accessed through tabs on the top of the page. See below :

The sidebar contrary to expectations does not hold advertisements and contains links of Previous Posts, Featured sites, Categories, Recent Comments and Top Commentators.

The CONTENT is the main feature of this blog as it should be. It is not hidden or dwarfed by multiple Labels, huge post footers or big advertisements. There are links to related posts below each post. The links for subscription are at the top of the sidebar which is the best location for them. My Blog JuiceThis blog has a Technorati Rank of 102 and climbing fast. It has an amazing 62,894 incoming link and growing. More than 3870 Feedburner readers testify to its growing popularity.

Anyone wishing to make money on the Internet should read this blog from first post to last and become a regular subscriber to it. There is material here for the novice and tips and tricks even for the veterans. You can even post a review of his blog and he will link back to you. See Review my Blog. More power to you and all the best John Chow!


Anonymous said...

Looked for your email but did not see it so decided to ask via comment: I saw your review on John Chow's site today and wanted to know if you would be interested in a review. Please visit my site for for review exchange rules, let me know if you are interested in a review exchange.


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