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Blog Review Me Myself and Me Blog.

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Me, Myself and Me is the blog of Mainak Mondal, a software engineering professional living in Mumbai the urbs prima of India. As the blog title suggests this is all about the author's life and friends and thus supports the true meaning of the blog as an online diary.........

There is no attempt at any fancy heading or decoration. The author gets straight down to the nitty gritty of his life. The blog template is the standard Harbor template from the official Blogger stables. See below

There is no attempt to decorate or inflate the Header just as in the content the author sets it out just as is. Though there are three "Me"s in the header the author is brutally frank about himself.

Sometimes I hesitate to take simple decisions, since I no longer have the courage to take charge. I am motley of virulent thoughts and happy notions. I require a proper mix so as to chastise the evils lurking deep within. My 5 senses stop helping when I am bonded to the earthly sins.

There is a shoutbox in the sidebar to communicate with friends. No fancy clocks, weather widgets, music players adorn the sidebar. Plainly the blog serves a cathartic function. Posting almost fortnightly the author sets out his thoughts and actions in plain view of the world. He cares not of the judgment anyone may pronounce on hin and is equally harsh with himself.

There is no attempt to monetize the blog. Keywords, Search engines, metatags, adsense and all such sundry techniques have no place here. This is a truly pristine effort and I hope it remains so as the author struggles to find the Great Indian Novel within he, himself and he.


Mainak said...

Hi Vin..
thnx for the review..
whtever u reviewed about my blog was true..actually got hold of ur site few weeks back.
so didn't reall get time for fidgeting with it..
thnx for the good work mate..


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