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This is a photo blog and a poetry blog and a tourist blog on NewYork........

This is also a bilingual blog in English and Turkish. The design is two column one with a header suggesting the tourist angle. The author is apparently an experienced traveler judging from the number of places visited by her which have been posted in the sidebar.

Because of the alternate English and Turkish translations a sense of continuity is lost as suddenly one comes upon a turkish phrase and has to leapfrog it to the next English paragraph. I think our Turkish friends get similar feelings on coming upto the English bits. It would have been better to install a translation widget in the sidebar to have a complete uni language experience. You can install such widgets in two clicks from the right sidebar of this blog. See here. Possibly the author felt something would have been lost in translation so she has supplied the translation herself. Particularly true where poetry is concerned.

The posts column has plenty of photographs which one feels could have been accompanied by more descriptive paragraphs. A Google calendar for the events in the sidebar would have been more of a resource for New Yorkers.

Not strictly a photoblog yet a delightful experience for people yearning for the big Apple's sights and sounds.



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