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Blog Review Paula Mooney Blog.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls today we kick of our Blog Reviews section (Drum-Roll Please) by introducing you to this whopper-of-a-site. Paula Mooney is a prolific writer who has been blogging on this site for the last one and a quarter year. She made 188 posts last year and this year is touching almost a century in the first three months. This clearly shows her commitment and dedication to her blog......

What strikes you on viewing her blog is the extraordinarily tall header. This occupies almost half the space 'above the fold'. This is the viewable area of the screen without having to scroll down. This is the most important area of the blog to post advertisements and experts always advise to make the maximum usage of it. However she has utilized the big header space by putting links to her labels and posts in it.

I would have liked a smaller header and a navigation bar with links in it so that the search engine spiders get hit with practically a sitemap immediately. Also the header picture should be resized to get a full light beam from the light house stretching all the way across the page. I like the concept of the lighthouse beam as a signal for all those who have lost their way to come hither for sustenance.

She has only two columns on her blog with a wide posts column. There are many posts on the main page which could cause slow loading on dial-up connections. The posts could be better separated using a separator graphic in the post footer so that each post is better delineated. There is no Labels widget in the sidebar for the viewer to see posts by category. I like the way she has expanded her COMMENTS link and the author byline just below the post title instead of in the post footer. She also has Technorati Tags in the footer besides the Blogger Labels making the blog searchable on Technorati as shown in Help Technorati Index your Posts.

This blog has a lot of Blog Juice. My Blog JuiceThe Technorati Rank is 2549 and climbing. The Alexa Rank is 187458 and climbing. There is a lot of advise on how to make money using blogs. As she is a professional author the articles are readable and entertaining. I predict a great future for this blog. Her name will soon become a brand name which will pay off all the hard work she has put into it.


Paris David said...

Aw...thank you so much for this review and the link love.

I'm gonna fix that lighthouse.

Isn't it funny how things can look okay on one browser and all FUBAR on another?

Take care,


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