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Blog Review Sylvia Hubbard Stories Blog.

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Sylvia Hubbard's Stories Blog completes two years of existence this June 2007. This is the blog of a professional author with many books to her credit. It is a Novelette Blog with free stories posted on it...........

This blog serves the prime function of promoting the author's works. Since she is a professional author she has not been able to find time to promote her blog though she has plenty of readers. It is obvious that her professional activities leave her little time for this. The blog is a three column with the middle column in yellow. See below :

There are many posts on the main page which may slow down its loading on dial up connections. Since much of the content is text this may not occur. The Google Page Rank is 4 but if SEO strategy had been adopted this could have been higher now. CONTENT IS KING they say and Sylvia prefers her content to do the talking. I would have preferred a slightly larger font size on the posts. She also manages six other blogs and another website and is owner of a publishing house besides authoring books and raising a family. Clearly a woman of substance.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

bowing at your feet for the gracious comments to my site. thank you!! kisses from motown!


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