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Enable Search for Blog Pictures.

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You have posted pictures in your blog, but they cannot be found via Google Image Search. Perhaps you have a photoblog and would like for people to find your blog by searching for your photos.......

Google offers enhanced search for images contained in your site, including advanced labeling techniques for images hosted by Google. If you want the images in your blog to be search enabled Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels that will improve indexing and search quality of those images.

To have your blog pictures searchable via Google's Image search first you will need to submit your site to Google Sitemaps. To do this head over to Webmaster Tools - Sitemaps. Copy and paste your blog URL in Add Site box at top and click OK. Details are specified in How to Submit site to Google. The next page which opens is the Summary Page for your site showing all the statistics. Click on the last link in the sidebar which says 'Enhanced Image Search'. See picture below :

On the next page check the box for "I would like to enable enhanced image search on my site and am authorized to opt into this advanced service." and click on OK.

If you want to improve the quality of Google's image search results then head over to Google Image Labeler. You will be randomly paired with a partner who is using this feature and over a 90 second period asked to label images. When your labels match you will be given points and the next image will come up. If you are logged in you can keep track of your points, but you can also do this anonymously or with a nickname.

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R J MacRae said...

I had a devil of a time trying to find the 'enhanced image search' opt-in because it has moved.

It is no longer under Tools, but instead under Settings, with a tick box next to 'Include my site in Google Image Labeler'. Tick this and click 'save' when the option comes up.

But thanks for pointing out this feature, plus the addictive tagging game!

Anonymous said...

recently i had problem with posted image....last time i posted some pics to uploaded my blog...but one of my colleague was really angry and that's his privacy.then he also search at google image type wih his name and it showed up his image...
i've already deleted post page but when i serach at google image page it was still showed up so how should i do?

plz tell me how can i do it...thanks a lot

Vin said...


You will have to wait till it disappears from Google cache. There are methods to remove content from Google but they don't apply here.

Anonymous said...

thanks Vin... i will wait and please let me know when the pics disappear from the page.


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