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How Juicy is Your Blog?

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You have been blogging for some time now. As shown in Submit Site you have submitted blog to search engines. You have also pinged the after every post as directed in Pinging Simplified. Your blog has become fatter and fatter with all that content, but is it juicy enough? Has it ripened? Where does your blog stand alongside its peers? Well, here is a site which tells how much 'juice' your blog has......

This site measures your blog juice based on four parameters :

1. Approximate number of Bloglines subscribers (weightage - 40%).

2. Alexa Rank for your site (weightage - 15%).

3. Technorati Rank of your site (weightage - 30%).

4. Inbound Links to your blog as per Technorati (weightage - 15%).

Taken together they estimate your Blog Juice on a scale of 1 to 10. To calculate your Blog juice head over to the Blog Juice Calculator. and paste your blog url in the field given. Next Choose the category your blog is in and instantly your Blog Juice is calculated and displayed as a badge. See below :

If you wish to compare your juice with some other site you can enter the url of the other site in the compare to box and click on Add.

You can also add this badge to your blog. Copy the code and paste it in a Html/Javascript Page Element in the sidebar. To add it see How to add Widgets to your blog.

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Indeterminacy said...

This is a cool tip - after blogging for a while - to see what kind of an impact one's blog has made on the Internet.


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