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Multi-Pinging Tools Compared.

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Everytime you make a post to your blog or update it you have to ping the search engines to notify them of the changes you have made. I have dealt with this in an earlier post : Pinging Simplified. There are some sites which can ping multiple engines for you in one click. Here I have compared several such tools......

There are several sites where you can submit your blog url and click the Ping button to notify the search engines and directories of new content. These are :

4. Blogflux Pinger.
5. Feedburner Pingshot.

Except for Feedburner just go to the respective site and paste your blog url and click on the Ping button after publishing a new post. For feedburner login to your account click on your blogname (You should have claimed your blog first as shown in Feedburner and Blog feeds.) and click on Publicize tab at top. Then click on Pingshot in the sidebar. Choose the services you wish to ping and click Save. Now these services are automatically pinged on publishing a new post.

I have shown all the sites pinged by each site in the table below

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SabrebIade said...

I hadn't even heard of Autopinger, but I'm trying it out.
Got any advice on Multi-tool Bookmarking?

vin said...

Take a look at :
One Social Bookmark Replaces All

Chad Chadington said...

thanks so much, i had no idea about any of this and you have made it so simple. even for a beginner.

Gaurav Maheshwar said...

thanx you so much,

pls let me know one thing - autopinger pings to many engines, do we need to hav an account on all engines

Will these engines automatically check my blog, even if i dont hav any account there

Vin said...


Search engines have their own cycles of visits. Pinging is a method of informing them that you have fresh content.

TheSewerrat said...

I am gonna try the autopinger, otherwise it seems to be takng forever for google and other search engines to pick up my blogs.

I know it can take a while for them to pick up but this pinging should be worthwhile at speeding it up methinks.


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