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Statcounter for New Blogger.

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Statcounter is a free web tracker, highly configurable hit counter with real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time!

This post describes how to modify the statcounter code so that it works in the New Blogger layouts templates.......


Go to the statcounter site. Register and click on Add New Project. Follow all the steps by adding your blog url until you come to "Do you use a web page editor?" Check Radio button No, I want the default install guide. Click Next button and you will get the code. Copy and paste this into a Notepad file.


Open the Notepad file containing the statcounter code. In the second part of the code there is a img src tag which looks like the code below :

<img src="" alt="cool hit counter" border="0">

In the above code replace every occurrence of "&" with "& a m p ;" without the quotes and without the spaces.

Also at the end of the code add a space and a closing backward slash like this :

.....alt="cool hit counter" border="0" />

Save this code.


Copy all the code you have saved after modification. Login to Dashboard of Blogger and click on Layouts link next to the blog you want to add the code to. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. First backup template to PC using the Download Full Teplate link provided.

Scroll down in Edit Template text box till you come to the end. Paste the modified statcounter code just above the </body> tag. save Template. Refresh Cache and View Blog.

See the extreme foot of this page for my working statcounter.

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Tom said...

You say:

"add a space and a closing backward slash like this :

.....alt="cool hit counter" border="0" />"

Isn't / a slash and \ a backward slash or backslash? I see this commonly around blogging and figure everyone must use Windows and think backwards.


B Kluver said...

I have tried this several times and the stat counter does not show up on my page. The img code that I got does not read the same-there are no & signs. I tried to paste it as is but it doesn't show.
Darn...these things are frustrating...

vin said...


When adding the code choose the preference at the statcounter site whether to show or hide the counter.

Meirav M. (Berale) said...

Hi. I tried installing a counter on my blog (not this particular one, another free one I found in my online travels) but found that every time I viewed my own blog, it counted this as a visit, so I ended up deleting the link as it was useless to me. I wonder if you know if the counter you are recommending behaves in the same way, or if it is able to distinguish the owner of the blog and not count their own visits.

vin said...


Statcounter has this feature and you can activate it during the customization of your code before putting it in template.

Anonymous said...

you said: Statcounter has this feature and you can activate it during the customization of your code before putting it in template.

I ask: ok...i see i can ignore a given IP address...but this will work only if you can rely upon a static won't work if my IP is dinamic, I am correct?

Thanks in advance

Vin said...


Login at and go to My Projects and click the 'Blocking Cookie' link under it.

A blocking cookie is stored in your browser to prevent your own visits to your websites from being logged by StatCounter - this ensures that your sites' stats are not skewed by your own visits.

Anonymous said...

I've found that GoStats is a much better alternative. There are much fewer data limits - and a better overall feature set. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I copied it all down to notepad, but after the img section there were no &'s in the code. I looked several times. Then I still tried to put the code into my blog and it didn't work... what should i do?

Vin said...


Copy the code from statcounter and paste it in a Html Page element.

Johnathan said...


I use stat counter but would like to be able to see ip addresses of those that visit my blog & especially for those that leave comments. How do I go about doing so? What option or feature do I turn on to be able to see ip addresses?

Vin said...


Not possible in Blogger. Only an assumption can be made by tallying the time the comment was made with the visitor stats at that time.

Florence said...

Hi Vin,

I tried to paste in the code I have from SiteStats in the place you recemmended but it doesn't seem to work with blogger. I have managed to paste it into the bottom of an individual post on my blog, but I would like it to be on the main page. I don't really understand what blogger tells me is wrong.
I alos can't seem to add it to the sidebar :-(

Vin said...


Go to Layout---->Edit Html tab. Scroll down in Template Code box till you come to </body> tag at tne bottom.

Paste the sitestats code immediately above it.

Florence said...

Hi Vin,
thanks, I have done that but it still isn't working. Blogger says: Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an element type "CLASS".

Vin said...


Can you send me the code by email? My address is in the middle column.

Sherry Livingston said...

Hi, I love you site it helps me sdo much. I wanted to let you know that statcounter now hasda blogger option to copy paste to layout. I tried the same as other above have said and there was only one & code i changed it and tried to modify the way you stated but the code you used as example is alot different than what they use now. Thus I ended up just copy pasteing into my site. Thank For All You Do.

LisaD said...

Vin, i use blogger and i am now using statcounter, i copied all the code, everything from top to bottom, i too don't have any & signs in my code to change and even the end looks different where you tell us to put the back slash. I pasted the entire code into the java script edit page and its not showing visitors to my blog, can i email you the code im using?


Vin said...


Paste the code in the Template Code box at the bottom immediately before </body> tag.

Unknown said...

hi again

is this stat counter the one you have on the top right hand corner?

Vin said...


At the top is the social bar gadget from Google Friend Connect.AT right it shows number of members of this site. To join click 'Join This Site' button in 'JOIN THE BLOG DOCTOR COMMUNITY' gadget at the top of the rightmost column.

Unknown said...

i am talking about the one in "Join the Blog Doctor Community"

can you teach us how to make that?

Vin said...


Check out How to Add Google Friend Connect Gadgets to Blogspot Blogs?

Anonymous said...

I can't register on Statcounter, i only get a blanc page!!!What to do and where to get my account for this tool?

Vin said...


Try Google Analytics.


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