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Stronger Passwords or Cardspace for Bloggers?

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More and more blogs are being taken over by spammers everyday. Hence it will pay to make stronger passwords to protect your account. Here are some tips on how to make stronger passwords as well as a new solution debuting with Windows Vista promising to do away with passwords altogether......

No password is unbreakable just like no lock is. The strongest passwords are strong because it takes a long time to break them. The longer the time taken, the stronger is your password. Here are some tips on making strong passwords :

1. Use at least 9 to 10 characters in your passwords.

2. Put numbers between the letters in your passwords.

3. Use non alphanumeric characters also, like "%@$#&".

4. Change your password regularly.

5. Weekly scan for keyloggers or trojan horses.

6. Use different passwords for different accounts.

7. Do not give out passwords to anyone who asks for them in emails.

8. Do not write passwords down and put them in your desk on PostIt Notes.

9. Use capital letters in your passwords.

10. Use a phrase which you can easily remember as the password.

11. Use a word in your native language as the password.

12. Use two words. Remember one word and keep the other word in an encrypted file. To make the password add the letters of one word at fixed intervals between the letters of the second word.

13. Use a pattern to create your password. Make a cardboard/plastic card with holes cut in it. Put the card on your keyboard in a certain position which only you know and punch your password through the holes in it.

14. Use a password storing program which encrypt and stores your passwords. You can get one free here.

15. Keep your password encrypted on your thumb drive.

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Windows Cardspace does away with usernames and passwords. It comes preinstalled with Windows Vista. It requires Win XP/Vista, Microsoft's .net framework 3.0 and Internet Explorer 7. You can download the Cardspace extension for Firefox from here. Download .net framework from here.

Create your own information card by going to Start----->Control Panel----->Doubleclick Windows Cardspace icon------->Click Add Card----->Fill in required information. This card is stored in encrypted form and can also be saved to a thumb drive. You can send that card to any website for logging in and registration. Now you need not fear any keyloggers or phishing attempts for your passwords.



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