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5 Tips on Hindi Transliteration.

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Blogger has now introduced Hindi transliteration : Blogger Buzz: Now you can blog in Hindi which means you can now blog in Hindi! You can now use Hindi to express your thoughts, experiences etc. Here are some tips for blogging in Hindi........

1. Transliteration is NOT translation. Just type the Hindi words as you pronounce them and see them automagically appear in Devanagari. For example, typing "hamesha" transliterates into Hindi as:

2. Enable Transliteration by Settings------>Basic------>Scroll down to------> Show Transliteration button for your posts----->Yes------>Save. This will place a new icon in top frame of post editor (Only in Compose Mode) which will transliterate your English characters to Hindi.

3. The transliteration feature is only supported in Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher on Windows, and Firefox 1.5 and higher on Windows and Linux. It is not supported on Macs. For more details see Official Google Blog: Now you can blog in Hindi

4. A Live Internet Connection is necessary to use this feature. If you see that it is unavailable check your connection. It is a free service and requires no software to be installed. If you have any problems you can discuss them here.

5. There is a personalization mechanism in place that enables Google to remember your writing style. Correct once, and get the word right every time after that! You can also enable the full on-screen keyboard and simply click the letters you want to insert.


Anonymous said...

This is not about Hindi transliteration, sorry, but I thought you might be able to help me with this question:

How do I make a widget invisible? I have three buttons in a widget that I don't want the readers to see but one of those buttons is a script and if I try adding "this._visible false;" the result is "corrupted scrip". So, is there a way to make all the contents (buttons) of a widget invisible without messing the scripts up?
Many thanks in advance,


vin said...

Try this : The widget will have a name/id. Put that in the css with a display:none; attribute. For any problems you can email me directly. The address is in the left column.

Anonymous said...

इससे पहले भी हिंदी में ब्लॉग्स लगभग चार सालों से लिखे जा रहे हैं। :)
आप यह हिंदी ब्लॉगस का एग्रीगेटर देखिये


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