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Feedburner Chicklet and Headline Animator.

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You can modify the feedburner chicklet to display the colors you want in your blog. You can also tweak the code to change the text displayed. You can display the Headline Animator as your Blog Header. You will then have your header display the rotating headlines of your posts displayed in the blog header..........


First you will have to register at Feedburner and burn your blog feed as shown in Feedburner and Blog Feeds. Then login to your account and click on your Blog name. Click on Publicize and then on Feed Count in the sidebar. Copy the HTML code given. It will look something like my code below :

<p><a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/DummiesGuideToGoogleBloggerBeta"><img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/DummiesGuideToGoogleBloggerBeta?bg=FF3333&fg=FFFF66&anim=1" height="26" width="88" style="border:0" alt="" /></a></p>

To change the text add "&label=DIEHARDFANS" after "anim=1". You can add whatever text you want instead of DIEHARDFANS. To change the background color change the hex color code in this part of the code : "bg=FF3333". To change the foreground color change it here :"fg=FFFF66". See Below :

You can also change the width and height attributes. To get hex color codes go here. Compare the above with the unmodified chicklet at the top of the left column of this blog.


You can put Feedburner Headline Animator into your Blog Header. This will rotate all your post headlines at the top of your blog. To do this first you need a header picture for your blog. Create a gif picture file. Put it in a Html/Javascript Page Element as shown in Removing Title Not Recommended but here is the How To.

Next login to Feedburner and click on name of your blog. Then click on Publicize and then on Headline Animator in the sidebar. Scroll down till you come to ClickThrough URL. Here paste the URL of your blog. This is because you will be using it in the header. Then click the drop down arrow under Theme and select Provide Your own Background. In Background Image URL box paste the Url of the image you have Uploaded to a freehost.and click the Load Button. The image will appear in the bottom. Click and drag the Title, Date and post titles headings to position the and then click on activate. Scroll upwards and click the Down arrow in Add To text box. Select "Other. Just Gimme the code" at the bottom. Click Next to get the code and paste this code in your Html/Javascript Page Element in the blog header. See the one I created below :

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta
Check out the new Blog Header above with animated post headlines.


lovinglife said...

I enjoyed your blog, it is what it is "Dummies Guide" It certainly helped me and I will continue to use your blog Thank You

Shaun Mayfield said...


You are a Blogspot GENIUS, I love your work, great ideas and manything I ahve done because of you. One thing that I want to do that I am stuck on is trying to get the Feedburner Banner to do a gif at 700pixels to use as my banner. It appears the biggest it will go is 500px. Anythoughts on how to get it to 700px? I hope you can help because I love the idea.


Vin said...

Shaun Mayfield,

Create the 500px gif and then resize it in an image editor program like Irfanview or GIMP. Both are free. Just Google for them.

Negotiator said...

I really admire your initiative and guidance to to all.Thanks for it


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