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How To Construct Blog Links?

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This is a question which has always plagued the Newbie. They see all these beautiful links all over the Internet and clicking on any of them magically brings up yet another beautiful eye-candy page. However there is no page with instructions on how to construct these links. Here are some tips and tricks on constructing optimized links in your blog.........


A Link on a web page is a word/set of words/image which when clicked on using a mouse brings up another web page/resource. It is also called as a hyperlink.


URL is short for "Uniform Resource Locator". It is also known as a Web Address of a particular resource/document. For example the URL of your blog at blogspot is given by this :

Here just change 'YOURBLOGNAME' to actual name of your blog and '' is the domain. To go to this site just copy and paste this URL into the AddressBar of your browser and press Enter. This particular URL will not go anywhere since it is a fictitious site.


When you enable post pages by going to Settings----->Archiving then each post gets a separate page/url. The title of the post is linked to its own page. To copy the link of the post right click the title and select 'Copy Link Location'. Then paste it in any email to send to your friends. For example the link to this post is :

Notice that it consists of the blog url followed by year and month of publication and then followed by post title. The URL of a post is called the Permalink. The timestamp of each post at the bottom of each post is also linked to the post URL. In New Blogger all posts have their Permalinks enabled by default.


To make a link in a document/blog post login to Dashboard and click on +New Post. This will open the Post Editor. Type in the words you wish to make into a link and click the link icon in top frame of post Editor. In Edit Html tab this is the third icon from the left. See picture below

A new window pops up. In it type/paste the URL of the webpage you wish to link to and click OK. When you publish the post you will see the words you had selected in link form and clicking on them will bring up the web page whose URL you had used.

To summarize here are the steps to make a link to your friend's blog in your post :

1. Open your friend's blog in browser.

2. Copy the blog address/link/URL from the address bar.

3. Login to Dashboard and click on +New Post.

4. Type your friend's name in the post editor and select it. You can also type in the name/title of the blog. This is also known as the 'Anchor Text' for the link.

5. Click the link icon in the top frame and paste the URL from Step 2 in the popup window and OK it.

6. Publish Post by clicking Publish button.

7. View Blog by clicking on View Blog tab at the top and test the link.


Every link has a code which can be seen when you click on edit Html tab of Post editor. It looks like this :


The 'TITLE OF PAGE' is the anchor text of the link. See How to make anchor links which lead to another place in the web page.

Image links have the following code :


See How to make Image Links.


The Link List widget is used to add a list of links to the sidebar. See How to add widgets to your blog. You need the URL for your sites and their Titles before you add them in a Link List widget.

Links by default open in the same window. You can change that to open in a new window. This enables your blog page to constantly remain open in the viewer's browser.

To make Email links and mail-to links you can use either images to prevent spammers from stealing your address or code.


Anonymous said...

Dear I have a query.. Its confusing ..

When i tried link: in google(finding back links) then its saying no links found..
when i tried google webmasters its able to find around 300+ links.. what is happening?

another is related to Page Rank. I was in PR 1 and one day my blogger crashed.. I changed the template to save it(some kinda funny error xb-XXXX) and now my PR is 0 why? how can i increase the same?

vin said...


Google Webmasters is not updated on daily basis. Here are some methods to increase page Rank :

Unknown said...

thanks so much....everytime i have a problem, you solve it...

Response: A Thousand Voices said...

THANK YOU VIN! I did not know what it was called...I found a new way to 'cheat'..ahem..and this works too...I keep a blank word document page open..and just copy/paste to it...then cut/paste to my blog and it works..weird but it works....thanks again...great blog for help....

New word today boys and girl HYPERLINK!


nonnymus said...

I can't buy you a beer, but your info was most helpful!


Blog of Innocence said...


I have a question about anchor links. I followed your directions and still haven't managed to get it to work. Can you take a quick look at my source code. Or I could paste the code here. For example on the blog page with the link I put:

When Lethe first came to her about his problems she told him a story about her childhood.

On the target page, I put:

I remember when I was a little girl my mother removed me from school.

Can you help?
The blog address is:

Thanks Vin

Blog of Innocence said...

I figured it out. Thanks for the fantabulous website. What a godsend!

Sue Wilkey said...

Thanks so much Vin - we newbies really appreciate it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Could you provide steps to make an internal link...that opens to a new page within my blog!!


Vin said...


1. Create a new Post.

2. Publish the Post.

3. Get the Permalink of the Post.

4. Use the Permalink obtained in Step 3 above while constructing a link in your post (as described in the post above.)

Dixie Productions said...

Thanks for the tips!

I will start using some of these. And I'm bookmarking this page; I know I will be coming back to it a lot!

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

I'm can't seem to figure out how to create a non-html link. I'm trying to post a simple word document onto my blog but don't know how! Can you help me?

Vin said...

Mark Riva,

Have a look at How to put pdf, excel, docs in your blog?

Anonymous said...

I use your site a lot because I am new to blogging and want to do all I can to improve my site.

I can't figure out how you got all those navigation buttons up at the top of your did you do it?

Thank-you for a very helpful site!

Vin said...


Have a look at CSS navigation Labels in Post Book in New Blogger.

Me said...

Thank-you so much! I now have tab links at the top of my blog! Yay!

Anonymous said...

could u plz help me...yest: i added my freinds link address...but it didnt come out. when i went bck to check the cookies , it still had. i made twice but the same problem i've got.
how should i do?

here is my site...


Vin said...


Exactly where are the links? In post or in sidebar?

Anonymous said...

link probelm is at the sidebar..


Vin said...


There are many links in your sidebar. Which link are you having problems with?

Anonymous said...

problem is blog link address at the sidebar... under this title


only two person address will show up, the others were disappeared..


Vin said...


Unfortunately I cannot understand Chinese! :-)

Kimpossible said...

HELP!!! I must be blogger dumb because Im sure I followed your directions but the link doed not show up in my post, theres just a blank space there.

Other people have things in their blogs that you just click on and it takes you somewhere but I cant figure out how to do that?

Vin said...


In post editor first type the words "inksomething". Then with mouse left click and drag across the word to select it. It will appear with a blue background.

Then cick the Add Link icon in top frame of post editor. In popup window first delete the http which is already present. In the empty box type in :

OK it and Publish.

Harry said...

I view my blog using Firefox and Google Reader. Unless I click on the title to view the post, the links do not appear i.e. no underlined text but, links on other posts do show. How can I get the links to appear?

Vin said...


What is your blog address? Which links are these - in the post or in sidebar?

Harry said...

Thanks as ever. You have helped before this. Duh, sorry, I forgot to tell you. Blog is:

The links in the posts appear just fine at blogspot but in Google Reader, they don't show unless I click to preview. I was hoping to get them to show up everywhere. Perhaps a tag issue?

Vin said...


Go to Settings----->Site Feed and set the posts feed to Full and save.

Harry said...

Harry here. I could have sworn I had chosen Full in the Settings/Site Feed; I remember reading about and changing it. Anyway, as always, thank you very much. It is working fine now.

tauniann said...

OMG YOU ROCK MAN!!! Wahooo! I just spent like and hour trying to figure out how to add a hyperlink. Youre a rockstar!
Toni from New Zealand

Mishu said...

Thanks a lot. Very rare person has the strength to educate others so easily. Accept my salutes pls.

upin said...

be blogger dumb because Im sure I followed your directions but the link doed not show up in my post, theres just a blank space there.


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