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The Importance of Technorati Rank for Blogs.

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Technorati is a search engine specialized for Blogs. It has developed a ranking system for blogs and presently the Blogosphere is rocking with Technorati Exchange Schemes, You-Fave-Me-I-Fave-You, The Z-List and the Technorati Train. All these are schemes designed to increase your Technorati Rank.....


Technorati Rank is a number assigned to your blog based on the number of blogs linking to you. When you create a blog and claim it at Technorati it is assigned a rank. See the picture below :

"Technorati is now tracking over 70 million weblogs, and we're seeing about 120,000 new weblogs being created worldwide each day." With this you may expect a new blog to get a rank in the 70 millions. The test blog I created got a rank of some 3.1 million.

This means that 3,119,960 (Rank of Blog) is the number of blogs having 0 blogs linking to them.

Then I created another test blog and put a link in it to the first blog created above. I then looked at the revised rank of the first blog and saw that it had jumped nearly 35%. The new ranking meant that there are 1,989,729 blogs with more than 1 blog linking to them. See picture below :

Such huge jumps are seen only initially. As the ranking number decreases addition of a link may decrease the number only by a few hundreds.

The number of links reported in the green area is the total number in the last 180 days while the number shown in white area below is the total number of links to your blog since its existence.

The link count is calculated by looking at all links from the past 6 months. That means rank will change daily based upon your blog's activity from 180 days ago up to today. As older links fall off link count and new links are added, link count may increase, decrease, or stay the same. This means that even if links are displayed in the search results those acquired before 6 months are not taken into account when calculating the rank. Hence anyone attempting to increase his/her rank with Link Exchange experiments will have to repeat them every six months or whenever the rank starts sliding.

This means that after the first six months to prevent your rank from sliding you will have to acquire links at the same rate as you will be losing your180 days old links.

1. Only links in posts and sidebar and blog rolls are counted. Links in comments and backlinks are not counted here.

2. If you change the URL of your blog you do not take along your ranking unless you do a 301 redirect.

3. Make sure that your posts and blog is being indexed by Technorati.

4. Your Technorati rank is taken into account when calculating overall worth of your blog.

5. Technorati Rank is used to calculate a monetary value for your blog.


Because of the importance of links acquired in the last six months here is a way to see them : Paste the URL below in your address bar and hit Enter :

Replace BLOG_URL with the link of your blog without the initial "http://"
This will give you a graph of number of links acquired daily. If you see your Technorati Rank dropping you will see a chart with a lot of initial links and decreasing links later on in the time scale. That is then the time to indulge in some vigorous link-building exercises.


Anonymous said...

technorati really does help. thanks to that site, I know who are linking me and who liked my blog.

Paris David said...

Yep, Vin, everybody's talking about Technorati the last few days!

I love it! My rank is rising.
PAULA NEAL MOONEY: Automatically Add Technorati Favorites...and Other Ways to Crack Technorati's Top 100 Popular Blogs

Dennis said...

Great site with plenty of helpful tools. As a newbie to blogging I find it very useful. Thanks, TriZetBlu

Unknown said...

Hi, Add my blog to your technorati favouries.

By the way my blog page rank has been decreased to 0 from 4.:(


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