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Increase Traffic with External Content.

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This is the second post in my series on How to Attract Traffic. In the first post we saw how to attract traffic using attractive content. Today we will see how to use online content outside our blog to attract traffic...........


1. Launch your site/blog with a press release. A Press release generates market awareness by distributing news across internet news channels. There are many sites where you can submit such a press release. Just Google for "press release".

2. Submit articles to various article submission sites. Make sure to include the link to your blog at the bottom of the article. Out of ideas on what article to write? Go through your blog and rework your posts into an article.

3. Become a member of a Google Group or forum related to your blog topic. Try and solve member's problems in the forum. Most forums allow for a signature line. In the signature line paste the link to your blog. Other forums allow a small banner. You can use Feedburner's Headline Animator in such situations. Do not spam the forums. Offer genuine help. Otherwise you will lose credibility.

4. Distribute Monthly Email Newsletters to your visitors. Include educational and informative content in the newsletters.

5. Start your own Google Group or Yahoo Group. Add members to it and start a mailing list. You can send your posts by email to all Group members.

6. Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers are two sites where you can answer people's queries and include your site URL in the signature line.

7. Put a link to your site in your ebay profile. Put your Feedburner Headline animator in your Email signature file. This shows your post titles by rotating them and can induce viewer interest. See it in action in the Header for this blog.

8. Banner exchange sites are where you can get more traffic. Make a banner for your site. Just Google for "online Banner Generator".

9. Post comments on other blogs. Many blogs have opened up their comments for Google spiders to follow. You can make intelligent comments on such blogs and leave your blog link there. It counts as a backlink to your blog.

10. Author a book and use your blog to sell the book and your book to attract viewers to your blog. It works both ways.

11. Review books at and link it to your blog.

12. Author an E-Book and give it away free or part of it to your subscribers. Write a free E-Zine and submit it to free Ezine directories.

13. Create free sites at places like,,,, etc... Write about your subject and put in links to your blog. These are sites for free backlinks to your blog.

14. Become a member of sites like and Participate in digging quality articles and build up a network who will help to digg your articles when you submit them. An article on the Digg top list can divert substantial traffic to your blog.

15. GuestBlog on your friends' blogs. Include a link to your blog at the end of the post.

16. Allow others to distribute your ebook/pdf for free or bundled with their products. This is viral marketing in action.

17. Tag Blog photographs at Social Bookmarking sites like and also at Flickr.

18. Offer help and comment on other blogs in your niche. Establish a relationship with the blog authors and then politely ask for a link back to your blog. A backlink from a site with a higher page rank is invaluable.

19. Some blogs are willing to post a review of your blog, authored by you, on their blogs, provided you give them a link.

20. Put a link to your other blogs on your blog if you have multiple blogs. Do not overdo this as Google frowns on link spamming.


chandrakanth k.s. said...

thanx for the ideas given...ill start taking the steps as mentioned in the article...from

Katherine said...

I love this site! I Keep coming back for more info. Can;t get enough/ THANK YOU

Amar (Amarnath Prabhakar) said...

Thanx vin, I love ur site and i am coming back everyday for more!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your page is always of much help. Thanks from

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the info...

Nathaniel Carolina said...

thank you so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Vin, thanks once again for your help and tips. God Bless

Anonymous said...

This is a great website to help traffic thank you

binu P said...

Hi thanks for your great help. I was searching for a solution to increase the traffic for my blog. I hope these tricks will help me a lot..

Anonymous said...

I think this could really help me,
I linke you on my blog:-)

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Moonstone said...

I'm learning a lot here today ..we are setting up a group blog and needed some help on getting traffic !!
did we do good ??

Taragak said...

thanks friend...if you have time !!
please check out my blog...

i need your advise..


TheDailySportsHerald said...

Thanks for the advice.


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