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Add Blog to Social Bookmark Sites and Increase Traffic.

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If you wish to increase traffic to your blog you should add your blog and or specific posts within your blog to social bookmark sites. You should put social bookmark site icons below all your posts to enable your visitors to add your posts instantly to them. You can add one social bookmark instead of many to avoid the clutter..........

Before adding this you may want to monitor your traffic to see how it increases. To do this add Google Analytics code to your template. Using Google Analytics which is totally free, you can monitor where your visitors are coming from.

Social Bookmark sites are highly ranked by Google. Having your link on these sites is like submitting your blog to directories. The Google spiders follow these links and index your site even if you have not submitted your blog to the search engines. By adding your blog/posts to these sites you are increasing the backlinks to your site. By increasing your backlinks you also increase the Page Rank of your blog.

Before adding your blog keep the following information ready in a Notepad file :

1. Blog URL/link.

2. Post URL/Permalink.

3. Blog Title.

4. Post Title.

5. Blog/Post Description.

6. Your EMail address.

7. A short excerpt from your post/blog.

To add your blog/post to a social bookmark site simply click the Add Bookmark button below every post or go to the site and register. Registration is free. After registering look for a 'Submit Blog' link in the menu on the site. Click the link, fill in the form and OK it. Other members of the site get to vote on your articles and if they are interesting enough they rise to the top of the list and attract more traffic to your blog.

Here is a list of social bookmark sites you can add your blog/posts to :

I will be adding to the above list as I keep finding them. Add your blog to five sites every day/week so that you don't get bored. Make sure that content is relevant. Do not add to Youtube if you do not have any videos or information on videos for instance. In my next post I will show how to find out where your visitors are coming from.


Unknown said...

thanx man and
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

This is too good. Thanks for the information. I will definitely add my blogs to all these sites.

Anonymous said...

You have a very informative site here; as a person who is normally very comfortable with web page stuff, I'm embarrassed to admit that I find blogs and their promotion incredibly fiddly and complex....I just went to StumbleUpon, for example, and can't for the life of me work out how to use it! I'm on your feed now because I really ain't coping......

vin said...


Have a look at :

Anonymous said...

it's good tutorial to increase my blog popularity. thx.

MC said...

Chris, very informative and well researched blog here. Just found it off blogtoplist and enjoy your posts. About the bookmarking, if there were 5 of those someone should target above others, what would they be? I've heard good things about Digg, Stumble Upon and Reddit..

Unknown said...

Will you also add to your list the following social bookmarking sites , , and


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