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Behold the New Google Analytics V2!

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Google Analytics, the free website statistics analyzer from Google, has undergone a sea change and emerged in a new avatar! Google Analytics has everything it takes to show how your site is performing and where your traffic is coming from. Now it has been upgraded to Version 2 with many more features...........


Google Analytics V2 has a new interface which is more simpler and bolder with statistics spaced out instead of scrunched up in little rectangular boxes. The graph covers a whole month at a glance instead of a week like it used to before. See Picture below :

The old navigation sidebar with small text and many confusing choices has been dispensed with in favor of a new one with bigger text and fewer choices. See Pictures below :

The old one at the left had too many choices and gives way to the new navigation at the right with clearer choices.


You can now immediately compare two time periods. Click the down arrow next to the date range at the top and check the Compare to Past box. When you login it opens the graph of the last month and when you check the Compare box it immediately compares it with the month before. Click on the Timeline option and you have two boxes which you can slide to left or right to select your time periods. See Picture below :

Under Site Usage you can immediately see the percentage difference in the values for the two time periods. Hover your mouse cursor over the graph points to see the actual values each day and the percentage difference.


You can make a custom Dashboard and populate it with only the data you wish to see. You can then email this dashboard to anyone you wish. After customizing your Dashboard just click on Email and you can send it to anyone as a pdf/csv/xml/tsv file.


You can share your reports and dashboards by emailing them. Just save a customized report and click Email. You can schedule automatic emails to be sent to you or anyone else. You can send any message along with your report in the email. See Picture below :


To easily access help just click on the question mark icon you see orthe Conversion University link in the sidebar. See picture below


The new version works best with Flash 7 or higher. Most browsers have this installed already, if yours does not, please download it at

Report Finder Tool: will help you see where data from the previous interface is located within the new version (it is also linked to from within your reports on the left navigation menu).

When using the new Site Overlay feature for the first time, you may need to refresh the page and clear your cookies to ensure you have the updated Javascript.


Monkey ZH said...

Looks great. A couple of weeks ago I activated it and didn't look. Now the rest of my sites are gathered. Thx for the news.


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