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Blog and Ping to Attract the Search Spiders.

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A Blog is a special type of website which has constantly updated content. Thus blogs are marked out by the search engines to be frequently crawled and indexed. Any links within blogs are also followed by the search spiders to their destination sites which are also indexed. Both these properties are made use of in the Blog and Ping technique to get websites indexed fast.............

After you start a blog or a site you want it to be indexed by the search engines so that anyone is able to find your site listed in the search engine results page when they search for it. There are millions of blogs and billions of sites out there so unless you adapt some techniques for fast indexing you will have to wait your turn till the spiders come to your site. You can submit your site to the search engines and then wait or adapt the Blog and Ping Technique.

If you already have a site then create a blog in any of the free hosted platforms like Blogger and/or Wordpress. In your blog posts or in the sidebar put in a link to your site. After publishing the post use a Multipinger site to inform (ping) all the search engines that you have updated content in your blog. These search engines will release their spiders to your blog and they will follow all the links in your blog to your site and index that as well. See the picture below :

Similarly if you create a new blog put its link on one of your older blogs and it will be indexed faster than if you just submit it to the search engines. Also submitting blog link to a blog directory helps in faster indexing since they are crawled frequently by the search spiders.


This is another marketing technique to increase traffic to your blog. A tag is a brief descriptive name given to categorize a post. They are like the tags attached to your luggage at airports. They serve to identify what is inside the post. In the New Blogger they are called 'Labels'.

The method to follow in Tag and Ping is to create a blog post and label it appropriately and then publish it. To do this just add the label in the bottom frame of the post editor in Blogger before publishing. After publishing ping You can do this by setting your blog to ping under Settings----->Publishing------>Send Pings. You can also paste the URL of your post here and press Enter. The spiders from Technorati will visit your post and place it under that tag on their tag page for that label. Blogger labels also double up as Technorati tags so you need not add them separately. When someone else writes a label under the same tag/label your post will move down the tag page.

When someone searches at Technorati for that tag your post will show up in the result and hence get traffic. See picture below :

Here you can see how "Tag and Ping" works. I labeled this post with the label "Increase Traffic" as you can see in the list of labels below this post. Then I published it and pinged Technorati from a Multipinger site. I then searched at Technorati for "Increase Traffic" and you can see my post at the top of the tag page for this tag. See Picture below :

Click on picture to enlarge it. If you tag/label your posts with one of the Technorati "hot tags" your post will land up on the popular tag pages and attract traffic from there. Make sure that your post is about the tag otherwise you will be guilty of spamming.


Arjun Rudra said...

Before this post..i kinda has an idea what tags and pings wer meant for but never really knew how they worked. Now i have a much better grasp..thanks BBFD !!

Wolf Stone

Usiku said...

This is a well written, simplified explanation that confirms what took me a couple of months to understand.

Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for taking the time to help others.

Edukadores said...

Dear Vin:
I don´t know why my site is not being searched by google spiders, as it has always been thank you

Vin said...


Have you added blog to Google Webmasters?

Submit Site to Google.

Midi said...

"Similarly if you create a new blog put its link on one of your older blogs"
dont get it u mean my old blog posts ??

Vin said...

Dope And Steps Ahead,

Suppose you create blogA in January 2008. Then in September 2008 you create blogB and you want it to get indexed by Google fast instead of waiting for some months.

Simply put link of blogB in blogA. Now when you create a new post in blogA the spiders will follow the link to blogB and it will get indexed much faster than if it had to wait in line with all the newly created blogs of September 2008 to get indexed.

Comprende? :-)

When I say blogs I do not mean blog posts!

lauren said...

Thanks. This helped a lot.


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