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Blog Backlinks Chart in Technorati.

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Backlinks are a measure of the importance of your blog. These are links pointing to your blog or to your posts from other sites/blogs. Google considers them so important that they form the backbone of the Page Rank algorithm. Technorati also counts the number of backlinks to your blog in the last six months when calculating the Blog Authority. Here is a method to see a chart of your backlinks..........

Technorati is a search engine which specializes in blogs. Because it is localized to a smaller subset of the Internet it is faster in calculating your backlinks. Whenever a blog post is published a ping is sent to Technorati and within minutes the Technorati spiders index the post. Any links within the post are also indexed and appear as backlinks on the account of the blog they point to. You can check the number of backlinks to your blog in all the search engines.

To show backlinks in your blog you should enable backlinks under Settings------>Comments------>Backlinks------->Show-------->Save Settings. The backlinks will show up here once Google indexes the post they are on. This may take some time as Google is a search emgine for the whole Internet. You can remove the no-follow tag on these backlinks to increase traffic to your blog.

To see your or any blog backlinks in Technorati type the following URL in your browser's address bar and press Enter :

Replace YOURBLOGNAME with actual name of your blog. In the new Technorati Interface these are called 'Blog Reactions'. To see the number of backlinks type in your blog URL or any other site/blog URL in the search box at the top and click the Search button. You can also do it by entering this in address bar of your browser :

Replace BLOG_URL with actual url of blog and press Enter. NOTE : You can check the backlinks of any blog using this method.


Technorati uses only the backlinks your blog has acquired in the last 180 days to determine your Blog Authority. This helps in maintaining relevance. Hence to maintain your Technorati Rank you have to keep adding new and relevant content to your blog so that others find it worth talking about and link to you or mention your blog in their posts. Google on the other hand counts backlinks from older sites as more important.

To see a chart of the backlinks of any blog type this in address bar of your browser and press Enter :

Change YOURBLOGNAME to actual name of your blog. Notice the figure in red (180). This shows the number of backlinks accumulated in last 180 days. To see the number of backlinks in lesser or more number of days change this number. Here is a 7 Day Chart :

IMPORTANT : You can also check the backlinks to any individual page in your blog by typing this in your browser's address bar and pressing Enter :

Change YOURBLOGNAME, YEAR, MONTH and POST_TITLE to actual values. This will help you to see how any backlinks a post has gathered over a period of time. You can see which of your posts are evergreen and which are waning in popularity over time.


If there is a sudden rise in the number of your backlinks it may indicate that you have made a very popular post causing everyone to link to it. This then is the time to cash in on your new found popularity for the next six months. At the end of that period your Technorati Rank will fall as drastically as it rose. A sudden rise may also indicate a mass addition of links due to a blogroll.


You can also check the backlinks to your blog or posts via Google. However you must expect some delay as Google searches the whole Internet and not only blogs. To see the number of backlinks enter this in the Google Search box and press Enter :



Replace the Caps with actual values. You can check the backlinks to any blog or any site or any page/post in this way.


Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

This post was helpful. Thanks.

Technorati hasn't been updating authorities, or they've been doing it sporadically. This has made it difficult to know who is linking, who is reacting, and how popular a certain post or subject is.

I checked the chart as you explained, and that one is up to date (or so it seems, anyway). This enabled me to see precisely which posts were picked up on by others.

(I also discovered that my first instincts in what to write were the best, which is a relief.)

Pankaj Singla said...

After reading your post of custom domain. i have bought custom domain from google blogger. but my blog does not show in google serach engine but i do now. may i switch to old address or new address.

Vin said...

Pankaj Singla (Adv.),

No need to switch back and forth! Be patient as it takes time to get indexed. To speed it up submit blog to all search engines.


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