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How To Create New Pages In Blogger?

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Newcomers to Blogger are confused as how to create new pages in Blogger. In a general website every page has a new link/URL. In Blogger however you do not create new pages. Instead you create new posts. A blog is an online diary where every post is dated with the date of it's creation and a timestamp. The date is at the top of the post and the timestamp at the bottom. If you create several posts in one day then the last post gets the date at the top of it.

To create new pages in Blogger we have to understand how the blog is constructed.........


These are the page types in the new Blogger :

1. The Main/Home Page (MULTI-POST PAGE):

This is the page which opens when we click on the URL/link of the blog. The URL of the blog in Blogger takes this form :

where YOURBLOGNAME is the name you chose for the blog when creating the new blog. You can choose how many posts your main page can have by going to Settings----->Formatting----->Show __ posts on Main Page and save the settings. It is better to choose a smaller number of posts on the main page since it makes the blog faster to load. You can also choose to alter the appearance of this page by using conditional tags. You can choose to prevent the appearance of certain widgets by wrapping them in conditional tags.

2. The Profile Page :

This is the page which is accessed by clicking the link to your profile in the profile widget in your blog sidebar. You can choose what appears on this page by clicking Edit Profile link on your Dashboard. This page is common to all your blogs. You cannot format it. You can also choose whether to show it or not at all by checking the Share my Profile option in the Edit Profile section. If you wish to increase traffic to your blog it is better to show your profile.

3. The Post Pages (SINGLE POST PAGE) :

By going to Settings------>Archives----->Enable Post Pages----->Yes----->Save Settings you give each post it's own page or URL. The page URLs have the following structure :


Generally blogger includes the first five words of your post title into the post URL. Make sure you include the main keywords of your post in the post title at the beginning so that they get into the post URL. This is important for search engine optimization. See picture below that shows the Blogger Pages :

To create a new page simply create a new post. You can change the appearance of post pages using conditional tags.

4. The Label Pages (MULTI POST PAGE):

The Label Pages are created when you add labels in the bottom frame of the post editor. These are used to categorize your posts under different subjects. They serve like tags on your luggage at the airport. Do not add more than two/three labels to each post. Five or six labels on each post means five or six pages of the same content. Duplicate content is frowned on by the search engines. Each label post has the URL/link of this type :


You can add labels to your sidebar using a label widget. You can also add a label cloud using the Technorati Top Tags widget.

5. The Archive Pages (MULTI POST PAGE):

In Settings--->Archive you can set each Archive page to show monthly, daily, weekly or no posts.

6. The Feed Pages :

Your blog has RSS and Atom feeds. Their feed URLs are :

For the Atom feed :

For the RSS Feed :

For labels the feed URL is :

For comments the feed URL is :

Substitute actual blog name in place of yourblogname and instead of 'TYPE' substitute 'full/short/default' - whatever you have chosen in Settings----->Site Feed.

Your feed footer can be changed by putting what you want to appear there in the Feed footer box at Settings----->Site Feed. If you want to customize your feed header you have to channel your blog feed through another party like Feedburner.


Missy said...

Hi----thanxs for the tip on adding conditional tags to change appearance of page. I have a question for you, where does one find the (div class page footer) line within the html template, i am trying to add a bookmamk this button to the footer of my posts. I cannot find it. Please advise.

vin said...

Take a look at :

Social Bookmarking for Blogger

JHS said...

I'm lost. I admit it.

I want some posts on the main page, but I want to be able to have separate pages, like a regular website.

Right now I have put everything into Flooble expandable boxes that I really want to have as separate pages with just a link to the page on the main page. The address is


vin said...

Two simple steps :

1. Enable post pages on Settings---->Archiving.

2. Create a new post every time you want a new page.

njm said...

Help! I have read several of your posts that provide step by step instructions on customizing my blog. Unfortunately, I still cannot figure out how to add a "page" to my blog. I just don't get it.

I want my blog to have "pages" like a website that can be accessed either by a tab (like your blog) or a menu link. I am trying the expand the type of information provided on my blog and need one maybe two additional pages.

Please help! I am in desperate need and I am not blog or tech savvy.

My blog address is: or you can email me at

vin said...


Have a look at last tip in this post :

Technologist said...

I want to add tabs similar to site on my Blog

I tested CSS Navigation tools on my other blog which is working fine.

Now the issue is if I am adding tab on my first blog I want to put posts on these tabs through different feeds or my associate sites. How to do that ???

Example - Job tab can have a feed from my job site...... etc.

If U can help me it would be very nice of you.... Dhanyabad

vin said...


See CSS navigation tabs in this post :

The tab is a link to an already published post. So you can add the url of the feed into the code for the tab. Then clicking on the tab will display the feed in a feed reader and not in your blog.

You can email me for detailed help. The address is in middle column.

The Creator said...

I agree with Janie Hickock, I wish Blogger would let you just add new pages like a normal website...

Mansi said...

Hi, I've been trying to add different sections in my blog so that the top bar (beneath header) shows Home, About, OCntact/Profile Recipes, Travel,Health and Nutrition etc sections...right now all labels are on the main page, but what if i wanted each label as a separate section (like any professional website)? my site is

Can you help/advise me please?



vin said...

Mansi Desai,

Have a look at the tabs here :

Sonten said...

Both articles are great. I found them very helpfull.

I'm having problems with displaying labels.

Showing post as pages it's.
Showing labels as pages simply don't work, it show nothing. Any idea why it does not work?
this is the site:

thanks in advanced.

vin said...


Is this because the site is still under construction? :-)

Sonten said...

It's under construction. But Ive created labeled post.

If you click in the archive on the right side (which when the under construccion phase is over i will remove it) you may access individual post, which they work ok. At the end of the post the label its mentioned. If you click on the label..........the page goes blank........odd.

vin said...


Try changing your template. Is it a ftp blog?

Anonymous said...

Do I have to publish the post to get another page? As my site is up and running and I do not want to publish random posts just to get new pages if you see what I mean!

Vin said...


That is the way it is in Blogger. You can backdate your posts if you don't want them to appear on the Main Page.

moranfo said...

Hi I was hoping to find in here information on how to copy and paste into post box before it gets published... why isnt this possible. You seem to know a lot do you know this? THANKS

Vin said...


Try Ctrl+C to Copy and Ctrl+V to Paste.

john lunstroth said...

thanks for all the info on your site/blog. I did not find what i was looking for though

i would like to have a feature some blogspot blogs have when long posts are made. Just a paragrpah or two of the post is on the main page, and then there is a link such as "continue reading" that goes to the post page. How does one do that?


Vin said...

John Lunstroth,

Have a look at Expandable Post Summaries.

Anonymous said...

dear vin
thanks for your tip on adding new pages for a new post...will keep visiting ur blog for more help

Unknown said...

Thank you for your help with this. I have one question: under Archiving should it be set to Monthly or does it matter? Just curious if this will affect the pages I'm adding.

Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

Deb & Roo,

Under archiving enable post pages so that each post is on it's own URL.

The Workin Boy said...

I was hoping to find a way to add multiple post to separate pages in my blog. Something like. Maine page with links to a shop page that would have individual post about each piece of equipment. How do I do this?

Vin said...

The Workin Boy,

In Blogger the Main Page (Home) is the page which contains multiple posts.

Create your individual posts about each equipment and label all of them with a single label like 'shop'.

Then you have a label page which contains all the posts about equipments :

Replace 'MYBLOG' with your blog name and put above link on your Main Page.

Anonymous said...

how create a separate page in blogger ????

like "Write a New Page" in wordpress

Vin said...


As explained in above post there is no direct provision to create a page in Blogger Layout templates.

You have to create a post and backdate it to create a page.

In Blogger Classic templates you ALSO have to enable post pages under Settings---->Archiving.

Sandhu Singh Navjeet said...

Thanks for the post

I want to put a separate page for Archives section on a blogger blog. As we have it in wordpress blogs, please tell me the way how to do it.

Vin said...

Sandhu Singh Navjeet,

Have a look at : Make Sitemap Page in Blogger.

Jyaane said...

i don get it.. how..... to create new page.. erm..
example then anotehr page is

Vin said...


In Blogger pages are actually posts so you cannot have a link like :

All links in the blog have the month and the year in them.

To make a page create a post and backdate it so it does not appear on the Main Page.

Jyaane said...

so.... how to make "page" like this ? i nid new page jz like tis and i duno wat u talking in the post, will u talk easier pls?

Jyaane said...

so.... how to make "page" like this ? i nid new page jz like tis and i duno wat u talking in the post, will u talk easier pls?

Vin said...


That is a very big customization which requires following all the steps given in How to Post a Book in Blogger.

Stephanie said...

Dear Vin,
I've created a blog for a friend of mine who has just had a stroke using one of the simple templates. The purpose was to share info on research, treatment, etc. with her family. Then someone told me about and I saw that it has a journal entry feature where we can post daily progress. It also has a guest book feature where friends can post well wishes and such. How do I do these things?

Vin said...


Get code from or and paste in HTML gadget.

The Online Raga` said...

Is there a way to get rid of the notice "displaying all posts with the label: x" in the label pages?

Vin said...

The Online Raga` ,

You can get rid of the status message.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Hi Vin, There is loads of information here, much of which I find confusing, guess I'll have to go by trial and error. Thanks for these pages, I think it might become the "Bloggers Bible." Is there a way to move and organise the photos in a post so they look better?

Cheers, BlossomFlowerGirl.

Vin said...


The easiest method is by using the free Windows Live Writer post editor .

yusrizawati jahamin said...

i have successful adding new pages to my blog. but is it possible to make new post on the new pages added? If i want to make new post I have to continue writing on existed post-which is difficult bcoz it will be too me...thanks in advance

wow quest said...

I'm glad that you made a thorough explanation with the part of blogspot posting.

Drey said...


schwartz.lane said...

I want to create a separate page from my blog, which will have a list of eg, Breakfast: x and y recipes, Lunch: x and y recipes, so that when the recipe, eg. muffins, is clicked on, it will take me to a page of instructions for making muffins. I want to be able to reach this Breakfast, Lunch page by a link entitled 'Recipes' on my main page sidebar. I have tried using labels and lists, they are great, except that I really don't want the recipes to have to appear at all on my posts. I want it to be separate, so that if I'm talking about muffins on one post, I can write, 'click here for recipe', and that will lead me to the muffin recipe page. Basically, how do I create these separate pages and links to recipes without them appearing in posts or archives? If that makes any sense? I am totally new to this blogging business!
my blog is
and my email is
Hope you can help me with this one!

Outdoor Sports Flooring said...

Thanks for sharing in hare..i want to I want to create a separate page from my blog.Thanks for this.

how to start a website said...

Right! When I create several posts in one day the last post gets the date at the top of it. And it looks hideous. I want to create a separate pages for each of my blog post and I don't have any idea how I will do that, until I fall on this post. This really helps me and gives me the information I need. Thank you for this post I really find value on it.

Game Avatar HD said...

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