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Put Google Video In Your Blog.

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In the last post we saw how to put a YouTube Video Playlist in your blog. We have already seen how to put a YouTube Video in your blog. Today we will look at how to put a Google Video in your blog post...........

First you will have to register and get a Google account. Then go over to Google Videos and if you want upload your videos by clicking on the Upload link at the top. If you want to put in a shared video you can search for videos by typing in a keyword in the search box. Just click on a video to open it. See picture below :

Click on picture to enlarge it.

To put this video in your blog click on the blue button (EMail, Blog, Post to MySpace) shown by the arrow in the picture above. The sidebar will expand to show "Send Link Embed Html". Click on Embed Html and you will get the code in a window below. See picture below :

Click on picture to enlarge it.

Copy the code in the window. Login to Blogger Dashboard. Click on +New Post. The Post Editor will open. Click on Edit Html tab. Paste the code in the editor window and publish. See the video below :



bec said...

Thank you! If had I read this first I would have saved three days of frustration!

Beth said...

Thanks! This was WAY easy!

Gal on the Go said...

Your instructions were VERY helpful. Thank you for sharing your expertise!!!

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your tips. It's very helpful!!


Tom Van Dyke said...

Hi--wondering if I can change the Youtube embed code I've copied and pasted so that a different image appears for users to click and play? In other words, how do I change the code to display a different icon for click and play for that video?

Vin said...

Tom Van Dyke,

Try blip.tv. You can choose which video frame displays in your video.

Anonymous said...

The blue botton, Email - Post to My Blog, does not appear on my google video?

How can a publish an unlisted google video to my blogger?


Vin said...


Probably it is a video not meant to be shared.

What do you mean by "unlisted"?

- said...


You seem to be quite a good geek, therefore you might help me...

I have embedded many videos on blogger and they are now on my blog.

Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake : I deleted all the originals on my computer. DO you know if there is any way I can re-embed them FROM Blogger to Youtube or another host ?

Thank you very much for your help


Vin said...


Sorry! Unfortunately at the moment there is no method.

Penelope said...

Hi Vin,
Aude should be able to get the embedded videos onto his computer but of course they will only be the size and quality that they are on YouTube or Blogger.
You need to play the video through then go to the Temporary Internet Files folder (on my machine this is at C:>Documents and Settings>My Name>Local Settings>Temporary Internet Files.
There will be a huge number of files, mostly quite small, jpgs, gifs and other stuff.
Arrange the files in ‘Type’ order and look down the column until you get to ‘Flash Video File’. (The file you want should be the most recent one in the ‘Last Checked’ column). It’s going to have a mind-boggling name. The one of the goal on this page is called:
However when I copied the file to another directory its name became:
You can now rename it and play it in an FLV player.
The same method works for Quicktime .mov files but here the file type is QuickTime Movie.
Hope this helps

Penelope said...

Hello again Vin
I’ve been putting videos on my blog using the Blogger ‘add video’ button on the Posting page but although the videos are apparently hosted by Google and I’ve got a Google account they don’t show up in the directory so I can’t get the code. If I wanted to let someone embed a video on a web page without going to the blog is there some other way of getting the code? Or I should start uploading the videos to Google before adding them to the blog?

Vin said...


Thanks for the tip on saving videos from blog.

At present your uploaded videos do not have a Google Video url if uploaded directly to Blogger.

If you want to share them you can upload to Google Video first or use the Youtube method.

The Hornback's said...

My harddrive on my computer fried and I lost all my son's pics and videos. I had uploaded some of the videos to my blog (on the blogger website) can I get them and save them back to my computer?

Vin said...

The Hornback's,

Try the method shown in this comment.


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